Best Car Subwoofer Under 200 Dollars 2022

A car subwoofer means more than just a speaker for your car. It can completely change the way your favorite tunes sound. If you’re a music fanatic, you’re likely to have experienced the magic touch a subwoofer adds to your sound system.

Finding the best car subwoofer under 200 dollars isn’t a daunting task, but selecting one that matches your needs can leave you searching through various websites for days. However, all hope is not gone as the market has some great options worth considering, keeping in mind your needs and wallet. Here’s a guide that will get you the best speaker for the car at a budget.

What is a Subwoofer?

A subwoofer is a low-frequency producing speaker that has one or more woofers. It called a loudspeaker when housed. Subwoofers are specially designed to handle sub-bass frequencies and bass sounds. They are mostly used in home cinemas, concerts, home studio speaker setups, raves, and festivals.

While most standard speaker sets cover a wide range of audio output, a subwoofer handles lower thumping ranges. They are designed to withstand SPL of low-end sounds played at high decibels and were developed to save ordinary speakers from loud frequency pressures. Subwoofers are easy to generate high-volume bass over a small bandwidth, and several do exactly this.

Types of Subwoofers

Here are the most common types of subwoofers available out there. The type that is perfect for you depends on your personal preference and needs. Here are some types:

Wired or Wireless Speakers

Several subwoofers nowadays are going wireless since they have a built-in amplifier and are self-sufficient. Wireless subwoofers relieve you of the hassles of long wire or cables and transmitter kits plugged into a receiver output port.

Front-firing and Down-firing Subwoofers

Front-firing subs have speakers that direct sound towards the front or side, while down-firing subs direct sounds downwards. Although both types appear to produce similar results, it’s advisable to place a front-firing subwoofer towards the front of a room and place a down-firing sub in a corner or sidewall.

Self-powered Subwoofers

These subs combine a woofer and an amplifier; both matched optimally. They are small-sized, compact, and easy to install. They may not make it to the top as having the highest quality, strong bass output, but they are an excellent choice to add to factory stereo sets.

Component Subwoofers

These subwoofers are powered by external amplifiers and have a size of between 8 to 15 inches. They are a great choice if you want to design your own system from scratch. They operate on a range of power levels, and you’ll need an extra sub box to enclose it in.

Enclosed Subwoofers

Enclosed subs come mounted in a box to house them. They come complete, and you don’t need to construct your subwoofer system.

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Best Car Subwoofer under 200 Buying Guide

Car subwoofers under $200 can still offer you top-notch bass sounds and a lot of power. However, to get the best car subs that will suit all your needs, you need to be keen on some features before making a final decision. Here’s what you should be keen on before making a purchase.


Although power and enclosure also play a major role in deciding the sub output, if you’ve sufficient space, go for larger ones. As you increase the size of the bass speakers, the speaker’s output also increases. However, when picking the speaker’s size, ensure your car’s boot is large enough to accommodate the subs being installed.


The more power a subwoofer speaker has, the deeper, louder, and cleaner the bass will be. Therefore, if you’re looking for an exploring bass, opt for gadgets with high power. If you want a good stereo system with slightly deeper bass, you don’t have to spend a fortune on powerful subs as those of low power will work well.


A subwoofer with a high sensitivity rating needs less power to produce high-quality sounds. Therefore, if you have a powerful amplifier, opt for a subwoofer with high sensitivity.

Frequency Range

The higher the subwoofer’s frequency range, the better it plays both lows and highs of the bass sequence, regardless of your music. Therefore, if you’re looking for excellent performance, go for a sub with greater frequency ranges.

Voice Coils

A single voice coil sub is a good choice. They are usually cheaper than dual voice coils and are easy to set up without compromising quality bass sound. However, if you’re an audio enthusiast, a dual voice coil will offer your outstanding sound quality.


The woofer’s construction is important. If it’s made of low-quality materials, it won’t serve you for long. Also, low-quality materials don’t offer your sub sufficient stability and are prone to distortion sounds.

Best Car Subwoofer under 200 Reviews

Rockford Fosgate P3D4-12 Punch P3 DVC

Rockford Fosgate

If you’re looking for the best car subwoofer under $200, the Rockford Fosgate P3D4-12 Punch P3 DVC is a good bet. This speaker is specially designed for louder and deeper bass and can handle up to 600 watts of power. This car speaker features an anodized aluminum cone designed to withstand the pressures of heavy play while maintaining its responsiveness and light.

This budget car subwoofer comes with an extended bumped backplate and pole piece that creates room for a heavy and extended excursion. With this subwoofer, you can enjoy quality audios, whether in a ported or sealed enclosure. Therefore, you have a chance to choose the kind of bass you want.


  • Dual 4-Ohm voice coils
  • 8 Ohm impedance
  • 25 Hz sound clarity
  • 1200 watts speaker
  • Parabolic cone designs
  • 85 dB SPL
  • 102 oz magnet weight


  • High-temp voice coil
  • Protective PVC textured magnetic cover
  • Provides impressive sounds
  • Soft-touch rubber over-mold for great grip


  • The frequency range isn’t as good

Skar Audio EVL-12 D4 12″ 2500 Watt Max

Skar Audio EVL

The Skar Audio EVL-12 D4 12″ 2500 Watt Max subwoofer comes with various advanced features that make this device unique and in a class of its own. This speaker comes with a 2500 watts speaker that delivers incredibly powerful and accurate sounds. It has a 3-inch high-temperature voice coil and an advanced airflow cooling design that makes the speaker capable of being played at the highest output levels.

This car subwoofer uses a 12-inch competition-grade paper cone to deliver a fascinating low-end bass response. The design of this subwoofer comes with high-roll foam to produce ultra low-end responsiveness.


  • 2500 watts peak power
  • 1250 2qtts RMS power
  • 25 Hz-250 Hz frequency response
  • 23.5 mm Xmax
  • 7.75” mounting depth


  • Low-end sound reproduction
  • Accurate and powerful bass
  • Heavy-duty built
  • Advanced cooling design
  • Advanced design features


  • It’s a bit heavy

Kicker 12″ 800 Watt CompVR 4 Ohm DVC Sub Woofer Car Power

Kicker 12

The Kicker 12″ 800 Watt CompVR 4 Ohm DVC Subwoofer is among the best car subwoofer under $200 that is designed to offer serious bass without leaving a dent in your wallet. This car subwoofer is powered by a strong polypropylene cone that’s strengthened by Santoprene rubber surround and can handle up to 400 watts RMS.

You don’t have to worry about heavy bass with this speaker since it has a 360° back bracing that keeps the sub strong. It comes with an 86.9 dB sensitivity and 25 Hz to 500 kHz frequency response that gives you all the power and range you need.


  • 12-inch speaker size
  • 800 watts speaker size
  • 86.9 dB sensitivity
  • 4 Ohm voice coil
  • 25Hz-500kHz frequency response


  • Nice clean bass
  • Works well with a ported or sealed enclosure
  • Affordable


  • Average sound quality
  • Too bulky

Kenwood Excelon KFC-XW1200F 12in Mount Subwoofer Car

Kenwood Excelon KFC-XW1200F

Are you looking for a good car subwoofer that provides you with plenty of bass sound without breaking the bank? This is a good bet. The Kenwood Excelon KFC-XW1200F 12in Mount Subwoofer Car comes with an aluminum enclosure that makes it strong enough to fit in small spaces. This subwoofer is easy to setup in your car and delivers outstanding sound fidelity.

This subwoofer offers a full bass response with an outstanding sense of realism. It can hold up to 350 watts RMS and has silver-plated push terminals that offer an excellent signal transfer.


  • 12” speaker size
  • 91dB sensitivity
  • 4 Ohms impedance
  • 30-700 Hz frequency range


  • Easy to install
  • Durable cast aluminum basket
  • Affordable
  • Great sound quality


  • It’s a shallow mount subwoofer

Infinity Kappa 1200W 12″ 1200 Watt Car Audio Subwoofer

Infinity Kappa 1200W

Are you looking for a more moving audio experience? Look no further! The Infinity Kappa 1200W 12″ 1200 Watt Car Audio Subwoofer delivers accurate and detailed sounds that will blow your mind away. The speaker has a two-sided ducted airflow design that improves reliability and cools the voice coils. What’s more, the Kappa 1200W offers you more performance and flexibility you need in your car.


  • 12” speaker size
  • 1200 watts speakers
  • 91 dB sensitivity
  • 4 Ohms impedance
  • 23-400 Hz frequency range


  • Durable speakers
  • Exceptional accuracy and detail
  • Accurate bass response


  • Hard to install
Best Car Subwoofer Under 200 Reviews and Buying Guide 2020


When choosing your dream car subwoofer, you need one that will fulfill all your musical needs.

The best car subwoofer allows you to long hours of non-stop music without sound distortion.

Now, choose the best budget car subwoofer from the list above and enjoy every phase of your music journey.