Best Cordless Landline Phones for Seniors

When it comes to matters the elderly, having a cordless landline phone at home will make their lives easier, since they spend most of their time at home.

The cordless phones for the elderly come in a wide range of models at reasonable prices so you can choose what suits you best.

PhoneTypeCaller Identification Power SourcePrice
AT&T CRL82312 3-HandsetLandlineYesBatteryView
AT&T EL52113LandlineYesBatteryView
Panasonic DECT 6.0 PlusCordlessYesBatteryView
VTech CS6124 DECT 6.0CordlessYesBatteryView
Panasonic Link2CellCordlessYesBatteryView

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Why Should You Buy?

Information is power, and with good, the enhanced communication network is every home’s or institution. Cordless landline phones create a suitable environment for channeling information.

Networking has been simplified and operating these cordless landline gadgets has also been made easier.

Customers who have trouble in walking can have an easy time as they can make calls from where they are situated in the room, as the cordless gadgets can be expanded to up to 10 handsets controlled from the same base.

Companies and institutions can make the best out of cordless landline phones. They ensure the various departmental offices are well connected which saves time for both the employer and employees.

How about serving the elderly at the home place? Elderly persons have limited movement and at times no movement at all.

It becomes a lot easier for someone to make a call from their resting place to any other point within the compound in case they need assistance.

What’s exciting is that these cordless phones for seniors provide for large area coverage and clarity is not compromised.

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How Do Cordless Landline Phones Work?

What are the Best Cordless Landline Phones for Seniors

A cordless landline telephone is simply a combination of a telephone and radio transmitter, containing a base and a handset. The base is attached to the phone jack using a standard phone wire connection.

The incoming calls are received by the base through the phone line, converts the signal into an FM radio signal, and then broadcasts it.

The radio signal is received by the handset from the base, and is converted into an electrical signal and sent to the speaker where it is converted into sound.

When one talks, the handset broadcasts the voice through a second FM radio signal to the base receives the voice signal, converts it into an electrical signal then sends it through the phone line to the other party.

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What Should You Consider?

Shopping for the best landline phones for seniors should not be as challenging as many people claim it is. By following our guide, you will certainly land the best product.

Consider the following factors when in the market for the best cordless phones for seniors:


The suitability of the gadget comes first. Does it suit the need you are willing to address? The best cordless phones for seniors are those that will have simplified operations such as any key answer which enables the visually impaired persons to operate with ease.

Large buttons will also enable persons with difficulties in seeing to operate with ease.

The cordless phones for visually impaired seniors should contain an LCD screen large enough to accommodate an extra-large font for easier viewing. The buttons should also have large fonts.

How well can the gadget be expanded? Different types and models will vary in the number of handsets that can be expanded and controlled from a single point.

A home for the elderly, for example, will look for a handset that can provide many expansions. In addition, look for a handset that will maintain audio clarity even over large area proximity.

Power Usage and Battery Capacity

How the gadget uses power should be considered especially in places that experience power outages often. Different handsets will have different power consumption and power-saving capacity.

Some batteries may tend to last longer than others depending on the manufacturer. It is good to research various products to ascertain the product that befits you.

Material Used and Durability

It is always good to go for the hardest material when it comes to cordless landline phones. Reason? Parts can easily fall over and break, children and the elderly can easily mishandle the handsets which would result in some buttons malfunctioning.

It is also advisable to go for a handset that is water-proof if possible, especially when the intended users are likely to mishandle the machine.

Eco-Friendly Nature of The Handset

How friendly is the cordless landline phone to the surrounding? You should consider whether the machine is likely to cause physical harm, signal breakages to other gadgets in the same area, etc.

Go for a phone that won’t expose persons like children or the elderly and vulnerable persons in the room. Also, the connection of the gadgets should provide a secure and safe environment for operating them for example connection of the handset to power sources like sockets.


Also, look for prices of the handsets. Different gadgets from different manufacturers will vary in prices, while the features may be almost similar or similar.

Go for the best cordless phones for seniors that just fit your needs to avoid unnecessary spending. Some gadgets may appear over-priced while the same features may be found in a lower-priced similar gadget from a different manufacturer.

Best Cordless Landline Phones for the Elderly Reviews

The top 3 phones for seniors are reviewed below, and all of these phones are considered the best cordless phones for the elderly. Each of these phones is rated highly by users and comes highly recommended.

AT&T CRL82312 3-Handset Expandable Cordless Phone for Seniors

AT&T CRL82312 offers friendly features that make it easy to retrieve messages, answer calls, and store information. It supports up to four cordless handsets and has an option for the conference call.

AT&T CRL82312 3-Handset Expandable Cordless Phone with Answering System

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Its internal phone book directory can store up to 50 contacts its quick redial feature enables you to retrieve up to 10 of the latest calls.


  • Extra-large LCD
  • DECT 6.0 digital technology
  • Visual ringing indicator
  • Extra-large buttons


  • The home phones for seniors have easy to use keypads
  • Expandable to 12 handsets
  • Compatible with AT&T cordless headset
  • Suitable for the elderly


  • Battery sometimes has short life-span

AT&T EL52113 Single Handset Expandable Cordless Phone with Answering System

AT&T EL52113 offers a speakerphone that gives you the best audio quality, contains a high-contrast black text on a white background providing an easy-to-read screen. It has a lighted keypad which makes it easy to dial in low-light conditions.

AT&T EL52113 Single Handset Expandable Cordless Phone with Answering System

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Big buttons with an enlarged font combined with the lighted keypad are helpful for elderly persons with visual impairment. Eco mode power manages power consumption for the optimal performance of the battery.


  • Lighted keypad
  • High contrast: black text on a white background
  • The best cordless phone for seniors has an extra-large font which makes viewing easier
  • Displays name, number, date and time of incoming calls


  • Expandable to 5 handsets
  • Easy-to-read LCD
  • Convenient for visually impaired persons
  • Good battery saving


  • Does not have a heads jack

Panasonic DECT 6.0 Plus Cordless Phone with Digital Answering System

One of the best cordless landline phones that comes with digital technology, and ideal for your modern office or home. It has been designed to ensure that customers with vision impairments, hearing loss, and arthritis operate the handset with minimal difficulties.

Panasonic DECT 6.0 Plus Cordless Amplified Phone with Digital Answering System

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  • Uses advanced talking caller ID
  • The home phones for seniors have amplified handsets volume.
  • Expandable up to six handsets.
  • Lower power consumption of handset.


  • LCD with big visible buttons
  • All-digital answering phone
  • Suitable for disabled and elderly
  • The cordless phone for elderly features a monochrome display


  • Small parts with choking hazard

Parting shot

The best cordless landline phones for seniors should have large buttons and a basic layout to make them easy for older adults to use. They should also have noise-canceling features that filter out background noise like barking dogs or a blender running in the kitchen. Many seniors also find a phone that can automatically redial the last number useful.