Best Gaming Chairs Under 500 (2022)

Comfort is a priority appearance is second when it comes to the option of the best game chair, and the majority of businesses that advertise their goods as “play chairs” seem to be overlooking this. Most game chair manufacturers simply put a cheap seat in an office chair to imitate people like DXRacer, mark, and call the day. So, if you’re looking for the best gaming chairs under 500 USD, you are at the right place!

The beauty of a game chair is that you don’t need much space. There’s often no space for large video games at all in your office or living room. The primary objective of a gaming chair is to enhance the quality of your games and help you to sit for long periods.

Over 30 models were tested and examined and the best game chair in general was identified. You probably sit in a play chair each day for hours. You already noticed that it can actually be really costly if you have begun to buy one. Not all people are prepared to pay thousands of dollars on a chair so we have prepared this list for less than 500 dollars for our office chair choices.

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List of best gaming chairs under 500 USD

Gaming ChairMaterialWeight CapacityPrice
Respawn 200Faux leather275 lbView
Respawn 110Faux leather275 lbView
noblechairs Hero Gaming ChairFaux leather330 lbView
CORSAIR T2 Road WarriorPolyurethane265 lbView
AKRacing Core Series EX-wide Gaming ChairFabric330 lbView
FLASH Furniture Swivel ChairFoam Mesh Nylon250 lbView
VERTAGEAR S-Line 2000 SL2000 Gaming ChairPUC Synthetic Faux Leather240 lbView
E-WIN Gaming Racing ChairPU leather330 lbView
NOBLECHAIRS EpicPU Faux Leather396 lbView
KILLABEE Big and Tall 350lb Gaming ChairPU Leather350 lbView
ERGOHUMAN High Back Swivel ChairMesh250 lbView
Arozzi SFB-ASH Vernazza Gaming ChairFabric320 lbView
DXRACER Formula SeriesMesh and PVC200 lbView

Respawn 200

The very first item on our list is an incredibly cheap play chair, but it’s extremely well designed and cozy, you have to believe. And what you’re after is pretty much, right?

RESPAWN 200 Racing Style Gaming Chair

The Respawn 2000 is a car racing gaming chair that provides comfort and convenience, whether for an intense session or daily office work. It has a moulded-foamed steel frame, which provides excellent support, while the open rear building enables you to monitor the sun. And you don’t want stuff to go too quickly.

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Respawn 110

The RESPAWN 110 Race Gaming Chair comes with a high grade PU leather and is packed with thick premium foam, which allows gamers to be relaxed.

RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

Although the longevity is not much good as the price, the set-up seems to be nice. It can be modified even up to 1800 (if carelessly treated it can be a bit risky, so keep it alert during the service.

The adjustment is really strong and there are 5 nylon rubber wheels.

The most noticeable thing about it is the tilt lock mechanism that protects you from dropping and damaging yourself. The neck and lumbar support are adjustable and covered with automatic stitching PU leather.

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TITAN Series by Secretlab

I have been talking a lot about this chair on this forum already because it’s my favourite game chair overall.

noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair

After testing the chair earlier this year, I found that many I had tried were superior to the building standard of the chair.
It was strong, had plenty of space on the bench, and above all the back and neck areas were very helpful.

This chair is suitable for gamers who need a sturdy and convenient alternative for long play times. The Secretlab TITAN series is also a strong option for a gaming chair that is less than US$ 500.

Though this product is sold as a play chair, it does have some wonderful ergonomics and it is one of the best chairs.

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CORSAIR T2 Road Warrior

Believe it or not, the guys have been playing so much that it’s time to do more than just things related to PC. And he decided to make, between other items, a great long-term gaming chair.

CORSAIR CF-9010007 WW T2 ROAD WARRIOR Gaming Chair

The Corsair T2 Road Warrior is a full-sitting model with two-layer accents of custom colour so that you can fit your set-up with the accents of blue, yield, red or white. And yes, for long game sessions, it provides all the comfort you need – and durability.

You will be able to relax for the next challenge by using a fully adjustable 170-degree backrest.

AKRacing Core Series EX-wide Gaming Chair

AK Racing series chair in the gaming chair industry is a well-known name. this brand is well known for offering good quality chairs at very affordable rates within $299-$399.

AKRacing Core Series EX-Wide Gaming Chair with Wide Seat, High and Wide Backrest

The stylish and durable design of this chair also includes the leaning part. It is cosy and comes with several colour choices with a black body with particular. Its broad seat and big backrest along with the seat height mechanism will amaze you.

While it has many benefits, it also has many drawbacks. One is that the padding material and the faux leather woven are too thin in contrast with other luxury seats or competitor brands. It’s, no doubt, one of this chair’s biggest flaws. It can carry up to 330 lbs and is covered with faux leather and vinyl. it comes with casters which are covered with PU rubber to protect the surface and a sleek and sturdy design with a reclining feature but it isn’t much supply.

FLASH Furniture Swivel Chair

A game chair is also less costly because we found fashionable versions, with excellent price tag, like that from Flash Furniture, which need not necessarily look like a race model.

Flash Furniture High Back Designer Black Mesh Executive Swivel Ergonomic Office Chair

A pivotal chair covered with 3′′ foam with a waterfall rim is worth noting, first of all, built to alleviate the stresses, but also to facilitate a good circulation of the blood in your legs. With those seats, you really don’t see anything!

It is fitted with integrated lumbar support, an integrated headrest, a good stance, and padded pliers that take the strain off the shoulders and neck.

VERTAGEAR S-Line 2000 SL2000 Gaming Chair

This chair is supplied with pretty good padding. It has a height and armrest that can be modified and has a reclining property of up to 1700.

VERTAGEAR Gaming Chair Racing Seat

It is protected by additional neck and lumbar. This chair is useful if you are a grave gamer and want the spinal column in its natural curvature since it is specifically built to protect the spine.

It has a PVC leather and durable foam stainless steel structure. The bottom frame consists of aluminium and can bear a full load of 150 kg.

It is provided with a long 2-year warranty and can weigh 240 lbs. It has an elegant black carbon hue.

E-WIN Gaming Racing Chair

E-WIN was also one of the best manufacturers of gaming chairs for overtime for luxury games and office chairs. With the necessary modifications, they promise to deliver high-quality chairs. Take a look at the EWIN Large and Tall Gaming Chair and take a close look.

Ewin Gaming Chair Champion Series 4D Armrests

This chair features a super-strong steel frame with a rusted cover. It consists of polyurethane leather and high-density mould and can carry up to 450 livres. Isn’t it terrific? Its high-density foam gives you a sponge sensation and looks too luxurious to be used as both a game chair and an office. In addition, the foam employed is thin enough that the overall weight of the chair is finally reduced, making it easy to hold.

It can twist until 1550, but wait, don’t worry you’re going to fall. All credits for the tilt lock function which enables you to tilt comfortably without danger according to the requirements.

4D armrest for a better experience has been fitted. In comparison with others, the overall quality of the material is very high. It comes with a decent two-year guarantee for the frame only. Now it’s meaningful!


You’re looking for something better and more effective? We got you, don’t worry! Noblechairs Icon is the most trendy model in our list of the top seats for the fight station and the office for less than US$ 500.

noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair

It is coated with thick PU leather and provides maximum comfort and breathability, not to mention that it can be modified for extra comfort until 135 grades. Subtle and eloquent, the Noblechairs Symbol influenced by the world of luxury vehicles – says the maker – with its solid steel frame providing incredible strength and stable.

Besides the fact that it inherently looks fantastic. Its sleek form protects the back regardless of how long you sit, while the 4D adjustable braces are also an advantage. The chair is in black and in white, with black , blue, red or yellow stitching. In reality, a favourite model for people who want to play with style. This is overall one of the best under $500 gaming seats.

KILLABEE Big and Tall 350lb Massage Gaming Chair

This chair is long lasting and really comfortable, which is why many professional players and avid gamers like it. It’s revolutionary USB electric massager that effectively lightens the lumbar cushion fatigue.

KILLABEE Big and Tall 350lb Massage Gaming Chair

It can also be inclined to 1550 according to your needs. It can hold a load of up tp150 kg/330 lbs and is fitted with a lumbar support that can be modified to meet your needs to make it fully customizable.

It also helps to maintain the natural spinal curvature and is packed with cold dense foam that encourages great cushioning instead of only stuffing in the right spot. The neck support is also strong and is lined with a high-quality foam, which makes it very comfortable for gamers. Overall it’s a great pick.

ERGOHUMAN High Back Swivel Chair

We have a priced model of just over 500 dollars, but it’s worth noting it as there can be lots of reductions at this time of year because it’s a highchair.

Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair with Headrest

Every day, too, the undersigned uses it. The Ergohuman High Back Swivel chair is different from the majority of gaming chairs there are in the market. It has a backrest angle which can be modified in three positions or the stress control can be simply used to increase the energy necessary for relaxation. It’s just that easy.

You still feel well and get the help you need, whether you’re sitting or lying down, with the chair has a very well synchronized tilt mechanism and depth adjustment. Overall, it’s one of the best under $500 gaming seats.

Arozzi SFB-ASH Vernazza Soft Fabric Gaming Chair

It looks so comfortable that you will love and want to sit on this chair for hours. Extremely light, it weighs just 57 pounds and has an amazing fabric.

Arozzi Vernazza Soft Fabric Gaming Chair

There are not many reviews of this particular chair on various sites, but the few reviews present indicates the product has a good quality. The weight it can bear is not published. But this is a chair that must be tried. I ordered one myself, too.

It comes in a big box and we have to bring it and assemble together. But wait, it’s not too tricky to assemble this game chair. It is available in a choice of 4 colours that look decent. So I have to say this is one of the best under USD 500 game seats. it can be extensively modified without any problem.

DXRACER Formula Series

If you are an avid gamer and want to play racing games, this is a great model. This chair makes you feel like you are sitting in your favourite car, a carpet. But please just in the game!

DXRacer PC Gaming Chair Racing Style Office Computer Seat

With a sophisticated structure, the DXRacer Formula series provides a relaxed sitting experience. It comes with covers in the neck and back – but not fixed to the seat – and uses an additional high backrest to minimise strain on the neck and back. Yeah, and the backrest is adjustable and comfortable.

Instead of hard plastic, we like the soft armrest style as well as nylon base and mesh, which in case of an unfortunate occurrence, are straightforward to clean. And last but not least, don’t forget the footrest which is quite comfortable too.

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These would be the best gaming chairs under 500 USD. If anything goes out of stock, let us know in the comments, our team will update the list regularly.

Thank you for your time. Thank you. Hope you can choose the best chair for yourself according to your needs using our article.

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