What are the Best Gaming Mice for Macbooks?

Most gamers have been using MacBook trackpads to enjoy their favorite games while traveling. Unfortunately, trackpads are cumbersome to carry along and don’t give accurate results.

But thanks to the advent of technology, manufacturers have developed gaming mouse for macs. Because the latest MacBook Pros comes with USB-C ports only, the market has mice connected via Bluetooth.

You may get confused about the best gaming mouse to choose for your Mac due to the numerous variations on the market. After intense research, we came up with a list of the top mice for Macs for your insight.

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Best Gaming Mouse for Macs Buying Guide

Mouse Type

Some games require a specific mouse to use. Before buying a mouse for your Mac, consider the type of games to use. Games like RPG, MOBA, and FPS require mice designed in a particular style. If you play any games, you may need to consider getting an all-purpose mouse.

Sensitivity and Dots Per Inch (DPI)

If a mouse cannot respond quickly and accurately on command, it is not worth having. Some mice allow you to change their DPI hardware to the level you want. Such a mouse is excellent because it will enable you to customize it to the level of sensitivity you require.


Consider a mouse that sits comfortably on your palm. Smaller or larger sizes may negatively interfere with your gaming. You may also get tired fast. Measure your hand size and go for a mouse of the same or near size.


Consider your style. What pleases your eye? What is currently in fashion? Get an affordable gaming mouse that looks great and is comfortable to use, handle, and touch. The grip should be comfortable and effortless.


It doesn’t always mean that a gaming mouse is of low quality when it costs less. The reason could be it doesn’t have extra features, which comes at an added cost. If you have the budget, gaming mice with additional features are great as they improve the gaming experience.

If you’re strained on budget, get a cheaper mouse that will meet your needs.

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Best Gaming Mouse for Macs

Here are there reviews;

Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse

Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse

It is the best wired mouse for Mac you can find on the market today. The Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse is very sensitive, thanks to its high-precision optical sensor. While gaming, you only need to adjust the DPI buttons to the sensitivity you want.

With its button configurations based on interchangeable three side plates of 2, 7, and 12, you get guaranteed a satisfying user experience. The programmable buttons are 19, allowing you to assign and remap complex macro functions with ease and as you wish through Razer Synapse.

Are you a color enthusiast? The Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse will excite you with its various color profiles of Chroma RGB. With over 16.8 million combinations of color, you can customize it to the colors you want. Some color profiles are present. You only need to select.

The scroll wheels get made of rubber and is ridged for better scrolling, especially in situations or games with high-stakes. The mechanical switches will wow you with their longevity. They support approximately 50 million clicks.

Besides its unique features, the Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse’s design is pleasing to the eyes. You will enjoy the value for your money when you buy this mouse. Thanks to its one year warranty.


  • Mechanical Switches
  • Optical Sensor of 16,000 DPI
  • Chroma RGB Lighting
  • Three interchangeable side plates
  • Reprogrammable buttons
  • Sleek design


  • Responds to command immediately
  • Easy to use reprogramming buttons
  • Can change to the colors you want
  • Can change the button configurations using the three interchangeable side plates
  • Can remap or assign complex functions using the 19 programmable buttons
  • Easy to control scroll wheel
  • Sturdy mechanical switches


  • May require the use of more force when using the buttons
  • Sometimes the buttons get stuck

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Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse

Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse

If searching for a wireless gaming mouse for MacBook with easy navigation, your search ends here. The Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse comes with a unique thumb wheel for your easy horizontal navigation.

Do you own multiple computers? This gaming mouse will connect easily to your three Mac or Windows computers. The Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse comes with an advanced wireless technology that enhances the connection. It could be either Bluetooth or a unifying receiver.

The easy and fast operation of this MacBook pro mouse will amaze you. With only a touch of its button, you get to switch from one computer to another.

You could wonder whether this mouse would track virtually on glass, but you need not. The Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse tracks flawlessly on any surface, including the high-gloss surfaces.

It is the kind of mouse to offer convenience at its best. By charging it once, it operates for a maximum of 40 days before recharging. Charging it for four minutes only will facilitate this mouse to work the whole day.

Though its battery life may change due to your computer conditions and how you use the mouse, it still lasts long before charging. If you are looking for the best gaming mouse for Macs, this device should rank on top of your list. It is worth every penny!


  • Unique thumb wheel
  • Connects and switches quickly between three computers
  • Tracks virtually anywhere
  • Advanced power management
  • Wireless
  • High-precision sensor


  • Navigates advanced gestures easily and fast
  • You can connect to three computers and switch between them easily
  • It virtually tracks on any surface
  • Hold power for a long time before recharging
  • Comes in an attractive design
  • Lasts long with good maintenance


  • The wheel may have locking issues
  • Some users find it expensive 

Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Trackball Mouse

Logitech MX Ergo Wireless

Due to its unique features, this Bluetooth mouse for Mac is famous among gamers. You will first get attracted to its ergonomic sculpted design, which includes an adjustable hinge. You can adjust the trackball angle to anything within 0 – 20 degrees to prevent your hand from straining.

Despite enjoying a comfortable hand position with the Logitech MX, you can cross-computer game control. Using its Logitech flow, you can navigate seamlessly between two computers and copy-paste files, images, or text between two computers.

The mouse also uses a unifying receiver or Bluetooth to connect up to three Mac or Windows computers. The battery life will surprise you. You can use the mouse for approximately 70 days without having it recharged. It is the reason Logitech MX Wireless Mouse is very convenient.

With its high-tech made scroll wheel, you can use either the middle-click or tilt to control or navigate various ways. For the gamers on Mac, it is a real deal for your money.


  • Wireless
  • Adjustable ergonomic design
  • Moves texts, files, and images between two Windows or Mac computers
  • Rechargeable long-life battery
  • Connects to a computer through Bluetooth or USB
  • Precision scroll-wheel


  • You can connect up to three Mac or Windows computers
  • You can control a game on another computer
  • Comes in a sleek design comfortable to touch and grab
  • Comes with a middle click and tilt for easy navigation
  • Stays for long before recharging


  • Expensive to some users
  • Some users have experienced trouble connecting via Bluetooth 

BenQ Zowie ECI-A Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

Do you love playing large Esports but are confused about the best mouse to use? The BenQ Zowie ECI-A Ergonomic Gaming Mouse got designed for large Esports. You will enjoy quick responses and accurate movements, thanks to its optical game sensor.

You will have it in multiple sizes and designs to cater to your preference and comfort. If you are an eSport player, the BenQ Zowie ECI-A Ergonomic Gaming Mouse will offer an excellent user experience.

The tactile feedback is consistent, meaning you don’t get to experience the double switch presses. You can also adjust this mouse to different responsiveness levels for optimal results. You only need to plug it into your Mac or PC and play. Its cable length is 2m.

With such great features, the BenQ Zowie ECI-A Ergonomic Gaming Mouse is worth spending your money on.


  • Designed for large Esports
  • 3310 optical sensor
  • Comes in 400, 800, 1600, and 3200 DPI
  • Ergonomic design
  • Consistence tactile feedback
  • Adjustable report rate
  • 2m cable
  • Plug and play


  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for large eSports
  • Can adjust to various responsiveness levels for a better user experience
  • Looks attractive
  • Comfortable on the hands
  • No double switch presses, leading to an excellent performance
  • Susceptible and responsive sensor


  • Not wireless
  • Makes a sound when you click

The above review may have intrigued you to get a gaming mouse for your Mac. But you need not pick any from the store next door. For a gaming mouse that will meet your needs and budget, you need to consider the following factors before buying.

Best Gaming Mouse for Macs Reviews and Buying Guide 2020


As illustrated above, gaming mice are essential for MacBook. They offer a better gaming experience. It would help if you considered the factors discussed above to get a gaming mouse that will meet your needs, taste, size, and budget.

But if still not sure of what to go for, use the list of the best gaming mouse for Macs described above as your starting point.