Best Headphones for Basketball Players

Concentration before a game of basketball is essential. How does one achieve that? Do you do that in the locker room? Or on the warm-up court? You can use headphones for basketball. They offer a perfect setup to keep your minds on the task ahead.

Put them on while in the locker room. That is when you are changing into the playing gears. You can also rock them on while warming up. Switch your mind off thoughts and distractions.

Choosing the best headphones while playing basketball might be hectic. The market is flooded with many different types of these gadgets. You have to look at certain things while in the market; grip and comfort, sound ability and quality, power options, and connectivity.

HeadphoneBattery LifeBrandPrice
Beats Studio3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Headphones22 hoursAppleView
JayBird X3 Sport Bluetooth Headset8 hoursJayBirdView
Bose SoundSport Pulse Wireless Headphones5 hoursBoseView
JBL Everest Elite 300 NXTGen Noise-Canceling Headphones10 hoursJBLView
Plantronics BackBeat FIT 500 On-Ear Sport Headphones16 hoursPolyView

Let us look at the 3 best headphones for basketball. Shall we? We shall also look at other important information that can help you make the best choice.

Best Basketball Headphones Reviews

Beats Studio3 Wireless Noise Cancelling On-Ear Headphones

Beats Studio3 basketball headphones are high-performance headphones. They are noise-canceling headphones. They can block noises from the outside. They are pure ANC kind of headphones. 

Beats Studio3 Wireless Noise Cancelling On-Ear Headphones

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The headphones are wireless. This means that you can connect them with iOS or Android devices. Listen to anything on your device as you play on the court. it makes it light not to carry your devices on the court.

The battery has a long life and time of play. Listen to your favorite jams for up to22 hours. This means that you can play your music and sound for almost the whole day whether on the court or not.

The headphone has other amazing features like; Bluetooth, 0on ear controls, and microphone used for calls and Siri activation. Take only 3 minutes to charge a flat battery that can play for almost 3 hours.


  • Noise cancellation – pure ANC
  • Real-time Audio calibration
  • 22-hour battery life
  • Apple W1 chip and Bluetooth


  • Comfortable
  • Noise cancellation
  • Long hour battery


  • Limited connectivity range

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JayBird X3 Sport Bluetooth Headset for iPhone and Android

They are small wireless buds. The size is meant to enable smooth motion on the basket court. As much as they are small, they offer high-quality performance. They also have an attractive sleek design.

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The fit of this headset is perfect and universal. They are made of patented ear fins that hold to the top and back. It locks the earbuds in while you train and practice. It ensures complete noise isolation.

Talk about the material! It is sweatproof. It has a rugged design made of hydrophobic nano-coating. Use it in the rain or even sweat and you will feel none around your sound. It is good for any kind of activity.

The battery is long-lasting and durable. The battery can take 8 hours with nonstop performance. In the case of the battery charge, 15 minutes charge can give you a 1-hour performance.

You can also customize your sounds. You can use the My sound app to personalize your music. Feel your own experience and even save them on your devices for later dates.


  • Long battery life
  • Personalized sounds
  • Sweatproof
  • Wireless buds
  • Universal secure fit


  • Stable
  • Noise isolation
  • Long battery life


  • Wire string co

Bose SoundSport Pulse Wireless Headphones

Track your performance with this heart rate sensor. Bose SoundSport Pulse headphones are wires. This enables you to connect to other devices. They are good for physical exercise and motion. Connect to your other devices using Bluetooth and NFC pairing.

Bose SoundSport Pulse Wireless Headphones

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You can use the Bose connect App for various purposes. Read your heart rate on them. It is easy to operate the heart sensor and maintain it. This can be done by simply wiping it with a damp cloth.

It works with many fitness apps. These apps include; MapMyRun, RunKeeper, Endomondo, and RunTastic.

It has a wireless range of up to 30 ft. this is good for a basketball court. It offers a run time of almost 5 hours with amazing performance. This is through the rechargeable lithium battery.


  • Wireless connectivity
  • Bluetooth and NFC pairing
  • StayHear and pulse tips
  • Bose Connect App
  • Fitness Apps support


  • Stable
  • Secure
  • Easy to operate
  • Long battery runtime


  • No noise reduction

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We have various types of headphones in the market today. Most earphones are categorized in terms of design. Best basketball headphones take one of these designs or combine two or more designs.

Let us list some of these types of headphones in terms of design;

  • Open-back headphones
  • Over-ear headphones
  • On-ear headphones
  • Closed-back headphones
  • In-ear headphones
  • Earbuds
  • Bluetooth headphones
  • Noise-canceling headphones

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Why Should You Buy?

There are various reasons why you should purchase these headphones. Well, if you have not practiced such a thing, then find a reason to try.

Basketball headphones can help you avoid disturbances. There are people around the court that would love to make you distracted. People like friends, interviewers, and even fans can be of great disturbance before a basketball game.

The good music they say is good for the mind. Sometimes when you in these headphones listening to good music, you remain calm. Calmness is very important before a basketball game. This helps improve your composure.

Audio or voice coach records are also important before a game. Basketball players can equip themselves with these pieces. They can listen to them before a game just to polish themselves with rules, techniques, and advice of coaches.

Isolated training and the feeling of the company is another reason. Basketball headphones can perform the task of a teammate in case you are training alone. Sometimes you can put them on if you are training in isolation.

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Buying Guide

There are various things you should consider while buying these headphones. You must put them in mind before you purchase one. They are;

  • Sound ability and quality
What are the Best Headphones for Basketball

One challenge that greatly determines the sound of any basketball headphone is noise. Major training courts, game courts, gyms, and locker rooms are noisy. These places contain a lot of noise from fans, friends, and other interested people.

High-quality sound headphones are the best. They can overcome this challenge with ease. High good quality sound can help you feel unattached. This gives you your own time and self-realization without the influence of others.

  • Grip and comfort

You do not need discomfort adding up on the wear and tear of a basketball game. These headphones must be comfortable. The headphone cups should not hurt or ache. You should feel complete comfort during the game and after the game.

The basketball headphones should have a firm grip on your ears. Basketball is a motion kind of game. A firm and strong grip should be a priority. Comfort also comes with the ability to control sweating. They should not be all sweaty even under high temperatures.

  • Power options and connectivity

The ability of basketball to keep power for longer should be considered. You might be practicing for longer periods. The higher the volume or the sound, should not affect the battery power. It should at least last for more than three hours.

The best basketball headphones should be wireless. This ensures that you can leave the other connected devices in your bag pack, on the bench, or with your friends on the outside. It also helps in reducing the weight of these gadgets. Weighty gadgets might hinder motion on the basketball court.

  • Type and durability

The type of headphones should consider the basketball game. You should be the type that cannot easily fall off when on the court. They should be the ones that can handle motion with good sound quality.

Basketball headphones should be able to last long. In case they fall while on the court, they should not easily break.  They also should withstand harsh sweaty conditions for a longer period.

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