What are the Best Keyboards for Accountants?

Accountants spend a fair amount of time on their computers every day, pressing the keys ceaselessly. Question is – what is the best keyboard for accountants?

To achieve accuracy, an accountant needs the right keyboard that enhances your working speed and typing speed.

If you don’t have an easy-to-use keyboard, you may end up delaying your work and putting your free hours on that task. This can be discouraging for your work speed and career. However, it can be a daunting task choosing the best keyboard for accounting that will offer you the best typing speed. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you.

KeyboardConnectivity TechnologyDescriptionPrice
Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard K480WirelessMultimediaView
Dell Wired Keyboard - KB216WiredGamingView
Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic KeyboardWirelessErgonomicView
Das Keyboard 4 ProfessionalUSB, USB 3.0, USB 2.0 MechanicalView
Logitech Ergo K860 Bluetooth, USBErgonomicView

In this guide, we have reviewed the best keyboards for professionals together with some factors you should consider before making a purchase. Let’s dive in!

Best Accounting Keyboard Reviews

As an accountant, you may own stock of different keyboards. The question is though, do you know which keyboard is the best for your profession?

Luckily for you, I am here to assist you in finding the best keyboard for accounting.

Accountants work hard for their money, and they need a keyboard that can keep up. Numeric keypads, long battery life, and comfortable touch-typing have to be on any accountant’s list of requirements, but if you want to get a little crazy there are plenty of other options available.

Scroll down to see our favorite keyboards for accountants, and find out what makes them so great!

Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480

The Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480 works well in mobiles, tablets, and laptops. It is compatible with Mac, PC, Chromo OS, iPhone, or Android tablets. It is Bluetooth-enabled, so you don’t have to worry about the inconveniences of a wired keyboard.

Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Accounting Keyboard

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This accounting keyboard comes with 31×4.1×20.1 cm dimensions and weighs 821g. It needs two AAA batteries, which are included in the package. The Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard has a comfortable layout and design that makes typing convenient.


  • 31×4.1×20.1 cm dimensions
  • 1.82 pounds weight
  • Easy-switch dial
  • Up to 10m Bluetooth range
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • Full-size design


  • Compatible with Windows Mac, computers, and Android and iPhone devices
  • Fine-tuned weight
  • Reliable  wireless connectivity
  • Minimalist layout
  • 2 years of battery life
  • 1-year limited hardware warranty


  • The keys are noisy
  • The low battery indicator is placed on the bottom of the keyboard

Dell Wired Keyboard – Black KB216

The Dell Wired Keyboard offers the best typing experience to accountants. This keyboard has play/pause, volume, backward, forward, and mute keys that provide you the convenience you need in a work environment. The keyboard’s chiclet-style keys allow for comfortable and efficient typing that is excellent for long day accounting tasks.

Dell Wired Keyboard

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This accountant keyboard comes with a compact design that has a full-size keyboard and number pad. The Dell Wired Keyboard has a durable build and quiet keys that make it ideal for daily home or accounting uses. It comes with a palm rest that eliminates strain when typing for long hours. However, the palm rest is sold separately.


  • USB interface
  • 17.74 oz weight
  • 17.4x5x1 inches dimensions
  • Chiclet keys style
  • Multimedia keys
  • Palm rest


  • Has multimedia keys for quick commands and action
  • 1-year replacement warranty
  • Efficient and comfortable typing
  • Durable build
  • Quiet keys
  • Comfortable tilt angle


  • The keys have a small height and almost flat

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business

The Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business comes with a comfortable ergonomic design at a fair price tag. This accounting keyboard comes with a separate number pad, which makes it convenient for accounting. It has a perfect combination of an ergonomic layout and a functional design. It’s also wireless and has a separate USB dongle that helps it connect to the computer. However, this keyboard lacks Bluetooth connectivity.

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business

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The Microsoft Sculpt has high-profile keys, which improves your accuracy.  It has a split keyset design that helps you position your forearms and wrists naturally and in a relaxed position.


  • Split keyset design
  • Natural arc key design
  • Separate number pad
  • Separate USB dongle
  • Cushioned palm rest


  • Comfortable typing experience
  • Offers great flexibility in your workspace
  • Wireless connectivity


  • Poor connectivity with the dongle
  • Not as durable

Das Keyboard 4 Professional Mechanical Keyboard

If you’re looking for the best keyboard for professionals with premium looks and offers a smooth typing experience, this is a good bet. The Das Keyboard 4 Professional Mechanical Keyboard comes with outstanding features and designs that make it the right choice for an accountant.

Das Keyboard 4 Professional Accountant Keyboard

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This keyboard comes with built-in USB ports and has Cherry MX Brown and Blue switches. It has dedicated media controls and a volume knob that are strategically located on the right side above the number pad. It also has a durable construction, sleep controls, dedicated hardware media, and an aluminum top panel.


  • Cherry MX mechanical key switches
  • Dedicated media controls
  • 2 USB 3.0 ports
  • Anodized aluminum top panel


  • Durable construction
  • Large volume knob for easy volume adjustment
  • Superfast USB hub
  • Has laser etched key inscriptions that prevent fading


  • The  feet do not stick
  • Expensive

Logitech Ergo K860 Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard

This ergonomic keyboard comes with a compact construction at a premium price tag. It has a highly cushioned palm rest that is convenient for fast accounting tasks. The best part about this keyboard is that it has low-profile keys and quiet keys ideal for an office setup. However, low-profile keys may sometimes cause inaccuracy.

Logitech Ergo K860 Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard

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The Logitech Ergo K860 Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard is Bluetooth-enabled and connects easily to devices. However, this speaker doesn’t have backlit keys despite being an expensive keyboard.


  • Split keyboard layout
  • Wrist rest
  • Adjustable palm lift
  • Customizable function keys


  • Split and curved keyframe
  • Highly cushioned wrist support
  • Improved typing posture
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • Expensive
  • No  backlit keys

Types of Keyboards for Professionals

Membrane Keyboards

The membrane keyboards have keys that look like pressure pads and have symbols printed on a flexible and flat surface. They have a thin rubber membrane placed under each key that presses on the circuit layer and shows the key pressed. They’re pocket-friendly and light as they use simple technology.

The membrane keyboards are portable and softer than mechanical keyboards. However, the membrane keyboards are hard to clean and less durable.

Mechanical Keyboard

These keyboards come with physical keys placed under the keys to sense when the key is pressed. This is the perfect keyboard for accountants as they’re faster, tactile, and durable. Additionally, they’re more accurate than membrane keyboards. There are several pocket-friendly options for mechanical ones compared to membrane keyboards.

However, the mechanical keyboards are usually heavier compared to other keyboards.

Scissor Keyboard

The scissor keyboard is unique and has keys attached to the keyboard via two plastic pieces that lock in a scissor-like style. These keyboards have a higher price tag.

Opto-Mechanical Keyboard

The Opto-mechanical keyboards are designed with the latest technologies and trends. These mechanical keyboards can deliver an outstanding experience to professionals. The optical technology is a durable choice compared to other keyboards.

Accountants Keyboards Buying Guide

Choosing the best keyboard for accounting that suits your needs scale down to various aspects. For this reason, we’ve listed the most crucial factors of a keyboard. If you’re looking for a new board, consider the following before making a purchase.


This is a crucial factor to consider before making a final decision. Buying a top-notch keyboard is worthless if it does not suit your needs. One aspect that you should be keen on before making a purchase is avoiding some options with several multimedia keys. This may cost you not only a fortune but also spoil the keyboard’s look.

Ergonomic keyboards are specially designed to help you position your hands naturally and reduce strain. They may cost you a fortune, but they are worth the investment. Additionally, if you use the keyboard in a poorly lit room, go for a keyboard with illumination.


Durability is the most crucial factor of a keyboard. As an accounting professional, you need to become used to a single keyboard; changing keyboards frequently can slow down your speed.

Keystrokes (Switches)

Ensure you check the keystrokes before buying a keyboard. No one wants a keyboard that feels like a typewriter. Always check and test how the keys feel. Some are soft, sensitive, and feather-like touch, while others need some pressure to type on.

Scissors, rubber dome, and mechanical switches are the common types of switches used. Switches make a lot of difference in the level of comfort, sensitivity, and noise.


Most keyboards nowadays use USB ports to connect to the computer. Wireless keyboards have Bluetooth connectivity and are challenging to set up compared to the plug and play USB keyboards. Ensure your chosen keyboard is compatible with your computer to avoid disappointments.

Wired or Wireless

The wired and wireless keyboards have their perks and drawbacks. The wireless keyboard relieves you of the inconveniences of long wires that can interfere with your wireless gadgets. However, these keyboards are battery-powered and need to be changed from time to time. To get the best of both worlds, look for a keyboard that supports both the wireless and wired configurations.

Extra Function Keys

To speed up your accounting tasks, some keyboards have additional function keys for launching apps, controlling volume, etc. they also have customizable shortcut keys, special character layouts, and power management keys. What’s more, others have a touchpad that acts as a mouse.


Best Keyboard for Accountants Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

The budget is dependent on the features a keyboard has. The more features it incorporates, the higher the price. Be smart; don’t spend on features you don’t require.


The best keyboard for accountants doesn’t have to leave a dent in your wallet.

Our all-inclusive run-down of the best keyboards for accounting will help you get the keyboard of your dreams.

However, the final decision depends on your budget and the features you’re looking for.