Best Phono Preamps for Turntables 2022

Signal levels from your turntable are amplified and equally standardized by the phono preamp, which connects to your sound system like any other audio source.

To enjoy your vinyl records, then you will need this highly-specialized piece of audio gear.

We have vital information about the phono preamp, such as why you will need it and how they work.

We know that finding the best phono preamp is not easy, and it is vital not to overlook this component if you have vinyl records. Here are some of the best phono preamps that you should consider purchasing.

  • Cambridge Audio Alva Duo
  • Rolls Phono Preamp

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Why buy a Phono Preamp for your turnatable?

A turntable can’t directly be plugged into most systems just as you can do with other pieces of audio equipment available of vinyl records. A sound system has the AUX or TAPE input when you plug in the turntable; there is the production of a weak signal and a fragile, tiny sound.

If you want to enjoy your vinyl tones, then you will have to get a phono preamp that allows the turntable signals to pass through and provide an amplified signal.

Does a good phono preamp make a difference?

A good preamp will make your turntable sound better. Even if your turntable comes with an inbuilt phono stage, you will find that an external phono preamp will make your turntable sound better.

How do I choose a phono preamp?

When shopping for phono preamp, consider factors like, your budget, compatibility with your turntable, compatibility with a vinyl player and level of cartridge among other factors.

Phono Preamp for Turntable Buying Guide

A high level of proficiency is required when you want to choose the right phono preamp. Here is a guide that will assist you in getting all the essential knowledge before you buy the best phono preamp for your turntable.

Sound system

Go for a phono preamp that is capable of altering your sound system adequately to get the best sound output. If you buy one that does not perform this function, then it will be a waste of your money.

You should also make sure to get a preamp that has inputs that will match your turntable connectors and its compatibility with the present active speakers and amplifiers that you have.

Compatibility of a vinyl player

Check the possibilities before you purchase a phono preamp. Some vinyl players have the RIAA preamp integration that doesn’t need a phono preamp; this standardized preamp integration ensures the audio signal of a turntable is consistent.

However, there are also digital vinyl turntables that have integrated preamp, but you can choose to disable the phono stage feature function. Consider these options in your turntable before you purchase a phono preamp.

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Level of Cartridge

According to the phono cartridge installed on your record player, there a recommendation that you choose a turntable preamp that is under 100. We have the moving magnet cartridge and the moving coil cartridge which relay an analog signal to your entire system through the grooves in the vinyl disc.

A moving magnet cartridge creates an electrical signal from the analog input of a stylus through a moving magnet located within two copper coils. They can easily be replaced and are more affordable than the moving coil cartridge.

A vast number of the highest-end turntables are made of this type of cartridge because they produce a mellower sound and are available in numerous sizes, quality levels, and shapes.

For a moving coil cartridge, the stylus moves then an electrical signal is produced by moving a coil around a magnet. It results in less distortion and better tonality hence the need for a special phono preamp because it will also require a unique setup.


If you want to purchase the best phono preamplifier, then you will have to spend more. Though, available in different price ranges, there’s no doubt that the best type of the preamplifiers are the most expensive and produce the best quality sound of a vinyl player.

You can, however, get different types of the device which are of high quality and moderately priced as well.


When a preamplifier is in solid-state, it tends to clip more sharply and distorts the sound more often at high volume levels. Such devices are more reliable and cheap to purchase, though when they break, they become unrepaired.

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Best Phono Preamps for Turntables Reviews

Here are some reviews about the best phono preamps for turntables that will assist you to make an informed decision:

Cambridge Audio Alva Duo

The Cambridge Audio Alva is a dynamic, lightweight, solid piece of technology that is stylish. It can handle both the moving magnet and moving coil turntable cartridges.

 Cambridge Audio Alva Duo Phono Preamp for Moving Magnet & Moving Coil Turntables

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Cambridge has a subsonic filter that eliminates low-frequency rumbles, a 0.5W power requirement when on standby that regulates minimum power consumption and an automatic power-down after twenty minutes of non-use.

The MM and MC inputs location is at the back pane, as well as the balance control, which headphone listening. Both the moving magnet and coil are inbuilt with simple fixed loading options, and besides, it also has an undefeatable subsonic filter which is equally inbuilt.

The duo has a high stereo stage and within the casing are surface-mounted components on the circuit board which result in low noise levels. It’s aluminum and steel casing helps protect the sensitive parts.


  • 6.3mm headphone socket
  • 0.5W standby power
  • 2.1lb weight
  • 10W power


  • Virtually no hum
  • Lacks wall water power supply
  • Good dynamics
  • Distortion is low


  • Slightly low performance

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Rolls Phono Preamp

The Rolls Phono Preamp is manufactured by the Rolls brand that is known for building quality music devices.

rolls Phono Preamp, Red

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VP29 is known to work correctly with mixers, stereo systems, and amplifiers that do not come with the inbuilt preamp turntable feature. This device from Bellari is simple and effective for your use.

It has the dual RCA stereo line-level outputs, inputs, and the ground terminal connection. Additionally, it has a stereo line-level that enhances flexibility and in general, has a compact design which makes it portable.

Rolls phono preamp adds an RIAA standard equalization curve compensation that helps in the accentuated loss that is caused by the low-end and high-end frequencies. Also, it has an LED indicator that ensures the power supply to the equipment.

When you unbox this device, you will be able to receive an AC adapter as a bonus although it is DC powered.


  • 120pf input capacitance
  • RIAA equalization
  • Solid-state phono compact stage
  • Ground connector


  • Lightweight
  • Tons of features
  • Affordable
  • Provides right RIAA equalization


  • Noisy

ART DJ PRE II – Phono Preamp for Turntable

Turntable amplifiers are quite expensive, but when it comes to the ART DJPRE, it has goods features at a low price. Besides the turntable, this device can play audio from DAWs, sound cards, or other sources. It also has the capacitance option, which is not usual for such a low priced preamplifier.

 ART DJPREII Phono Preamplifier

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During clipping, it displays an LED light that indicates the gain control and also removes any rumble with its high pass filter feature at low frequencies.

It is hard to find the best phono preamp for a turntable, but you can purchase this cheaper system that is best for recording and playback purposes despite not giving the best high-fidelity sound.


  • 12V power
  • Dual input and output RCA-type
  • Weighs 1.25lbs
  • Below 90dB hum and noise


  • Affordable
  • Cut low-end rumble
  • Optimization of sound through capacitance
  • High pass filter


  • Lacks audiophile quality