Best Printers for Vinyl Stickers

Gone are the days when people struggled with designing and finding the correct ink and vinyl papers. The invention of printers for vinyl stickers has made this an easy and fun thing, thanks to advancing technology. With this printer, you can create and customize your vinyl stickers comfortably and at no cost.

Choosing the best sticker printer machine is not an easy task. To help you go through it, we came up with a review of the best printers.

PrinterConnectivity TechnologySheet SizePrice
HP ENVY 5055Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cloud Printing3″x5″ to 8.5″x14″, Letter, Legal, EnvelopeView
Epson EcoTank ET-2750Wi-Fi8.5″x 11.7″View
HP OfficeJet 5255Cloud Printing, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB3″x5″ to 8.5″x 14″, Letter, Legal, EnvelopeView
Canon Pixma iX6820Wireless, Ethernet, USB4″x6″, 11″x17″, 13″x19″View
Brother MFC-J895DWWi-Fi8.5″/14″View
Canon TS9120USB, Wi-Fi8.5″x14″View

Best Printers for Printing Vinyl Stickers Reviews

Epson EcoTank ET-2750 Wireless Color All-in-One Cartridge-Free Supertank Printer

Epson has designed their printers to be able to produce high volume at a cheaper cost. This ET-2750 wireless printer allows you to connect your devices to it directly via Wi-Fi. If you are a wireless kind of person, then this is the printer for you. Some of the tools you can print your documents from are iPad, iPhone, and android tablets.

It is economical to use because of its auto 2-sided printing feature. This helps you to save on papers used.

It also comes with a lot of ink in the box, which can print for up to two years. When publishing your vinyl papers in black and white, it is approximated that you can use this ink on 6,500 pages. When using color on your prints, this ink will print about 5,200 of colored sheets.

This printer is easy to fill ink in it, and it saves you up to 80% of ink, making it economical to use. It operates on Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 with 32-bit and 64-bit. It also runs on Windows 7 of 32-bit and 64-bit.

Its printing resolution of 5760 x 1440 is relatively high, meaning the print quality is exemplary.


  • Can print many papers
  • Wireless connection
  • Easy to refill the tank


  • It isn’t quiet
  • Does not print photos

Canon 2986C002 PIXMA TS6220 Wireless All In One Photo Printer

Have you found the answer to the best printer to use for printable vinyl? We have got one for you. The Canon 2986C002 is an all-in-one photo printer that works with Alexa to enable you to give it instructions.

With the best speed and quality, this printer will print your photos and other documents using the 5-color individual Ink system. You can connect this printer to your tablet, smartphone, and other favorite devices using Bluetooth or USB.

It is less costly to use this printer because it saves you up to 10% of ink used. As soon as you activate it, it starts measuring ink levels. Another unique feature is that as the ink level drops, this printer can place ink orders.

This printer will print you the best quality photos on a 5 x 5 glossy square paper. Also, with it, you can print your 7″ x 10″ greetings card.

It will fit well in your small office space. At home, make a small space at the corner, and you will be surprised at how comfortable it fits in.  


  • The printer is easy to set up
  • It prints fast
  • It is user


  • Ink cartridges give false readings of ink levels

Epson Expression Premium XP-7100 Wireless Color Photo Printer

This is the best printer for the superior photo quality; however, it is quite costly because its print cost per page is high. Despite the high price, this printer will also give you quality prints.

Instead of the usual four ink cartridges, the XP-7100 comes with an extra one, making it five. For productivity, this printer is fitted with different features like the Automatic Document Feeder for auto-scanning.

It is a fast printer because it can print as many as 30 pages (dual-sided), thanks to the 30-page single-pass ADF.

Its speed is quite admirable. This printer features a 15 ppm monochrome speed,  which is fair for its number of cartridges. Connect your device with Wi-Fi or Ethernet and watch your vinyl stickers come out fast and clean. It can connect with USB.

Don’t worry about your documents in Compact Disks because this printer has a USB drive and a slot for an SD card.


  • It is durable
  • Offers many connectivity options like Wi-Fi and Ethernet
  • It is fast


  • It has high operating costs
  • Can only use Epson cartridges

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Types of vinyl sticker printers

The type of printer to choose for your vinyl solely depends on the type of vinyl you intent to print. There are three types of vinyl, and they need a particular kind of printer. The three types are calendar vinyl, cast vinyl, and specialty vinyl. Let us now look at the types of printers for vinyl stickers.

  • Desktop inkjet

This type of vinyl printer fits well in small spaces. It could be your office or your working area at home. The printer uses letter-sized sheets, uses less ink, and the ink on the papers dries fast.

  • Large-format inkjet printer

Professional sign makers use this type of printer. The printed posts are ready to use immediately after printing because they come with LED lamps for drying the ink.

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Why you should buy a printer for stickers

  • Cut on cost

Printing banners, signs, and wraps can be quite expensive, especially if you need to produce large numbers. Having your vinyl printer can help you cut on the cost of printing.

  • Customize

With your printer, you can try all the printer applications and see how your banner comes out.

  • Quality

Get the best quality, professional, and colorful stickers with the best printer for printable vinyl. However, it is essential to note that the quality of the stickers produced depends on the printer you use. A low-quality printer will give you low-quality stickers. Depending on the vinyl printer you buy, you will get professional and colorful stickers.

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Vinyl Stickers Printer Buying Guide

These features are essential when looking for the best printer for printable vinyl.

  • Type of paper you use

Your main goal is to produce quality work so that you can meet your client’s expectations. For this reason, you aim at using the best quality paper. Since printers are different, you need to find out if the printer you are about to buy can handle the vinyl media. Out of the two materials available, you can choose which one to use.

Vinyl material is one of the sticker materials. It is more expensive, can withstand harsh climatic changes, and is the most preferred material by most people who print. On the other hand, a sticker sheet is a bit cheap compared to vinyl and cannot withstand the harsh climate, and is not commonly used.

  • Print format

What size of stickers do you intend to print? Ensure the machine you are about to buy can support those dimensions. This is because all vinyl printing devices are not the same and do not support the same size.

It is advisable to choose a wide-format inkjet printer if the sizes you are working with are large. A desktop vinyl printer would do well for the standard sizes.

  • Print quality

Your printer for vinyl papers will determine the quality of your stickers and banners. When it comes to quality, the higher the quality you need your pieces to be, the more money you are likely to pay for such a printer.

The printing resolution is what matters here. If you choose a low volume resolution, you will get poor quality because of the higher the print resolution, the more expensive the printer, and the better the outcome.

  • White or clear stickers?

 An ordinary printer cannot print on a transparent material. It will come out blank. This means that depending on the color or type of material you intend to use, you also need to look for a printer that suits it well. Not all printers can support white or clean materials.

  • How is your finishing?

Matte and glossy are the two types of finishing in vinyl sticker printing. Each of these two comes with unique output characteristics. However, the best sticker printer machines come with both finishing types.

For matte finishing style, the stickers do not become shiny when placed against sunlight. They tend to last longer, and they look textured. These stickers do not also show fingerprints and are resistant to harsh climatic conditions.

On the other hand, stickers with glossy finishing are cheap and shine when placed against the sun. They do not withstand harsh climates and are less durable. For these reasons, the matte finishing is most preferred.


Best Printers for Vinyl Stickers Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

These are the three best printers for vinyl stickers that we found would help you bring out quality stickers and documents. While there are so many printers in the market, it is essential to use the buying guide we provided to get high-quality printers.