Best Quiet Keyboards Reviews 2022

The old keyboard was loud. And it’s something people had to live with. For years.

But technology never sleeps and lately, the keyboard has been “silenced”…

In short, the quiet keyboard is here and you can finally calm your girlfriend if she has been constantly bugging you about the noise your keyboard makes.

So if you’re looking for the quietest keyboard to help you make peace with everyone, this guide is for you.

Logitech Illuminated Ultrathin Keyboard K740WiredLogitechView
HP Wireless Elite Keyboard v2 Wireless HPView
Keyboard and Mouse Combo, Jelly Comb 2.4GhzWireless Jelly CombView
Apple Magic KeyboardWireless AppleView
Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900Wireless MicrosoftView

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Let’s jump right in.

Best Silent Keyboard Reviews

Our list of quiet keyboards is a collection of those that performed decently across the board, but excelled in specific areas.

Several of the keyboards on this list were picked for their low-profile designs, which keep their noise levels low even when they’re being used by touch typists.

However, just because a keyboard isn’t loud doesn’t mean it’s quiet, so we’ve included several options that are specifically designed to dampen sound to some degree.

The following are some of the best silent keyboards;

Logitech Illuminated Keyboard K740 Ultrathin

Ultra-bright illuminated keys (customizable to taste) and an array of creative ergonomic features make typing fluid, wonderfully quiet, and effortless around the clock with the Logitech K740.

Logitech Illuminated Ultrathin Keyboard K740

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Modernized for 2020, the Logitech K740 offers the best overall combination of features and performance for folks looking for a quiet typing keyboard.

This model does deliver a significant blow to its membrane-style peers, with the PerfectStroke key system making every stroke feels so natural and fluid – it’s only comparable to pricier competitors!

Add the full-size key layout and soft-touch palm rest (made of soft, rubber coating) and you have probably the most comfortable keyboard to type with at this level.

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What’s more, this keyboard’s ultra-thin (9.3 mm) profile combined with its classic black color along with a touch of orange (FN functions) will bring elegance and style to any desk.

The noiseless keyboard’s 6 feet (1.8m) long USB cable also remains best-in-class among the quiet corded keyboards we looked at.

We also love the solid construction.


  • Excellent tactile touch. 
  • Dedicated keys including volume control.
  • Lower key travel.


  • Lacks gaming extras.

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HP Wireless Elite v2 Keyboard – Best Silent Keyboard for Typing

This exceptional wireless keyboard from HP handles itself quite well in pretty much everything:  data entry, PlayStation games, heavy typing, 3D cad, etc. 

A high-end design and unusually short travel distance (scissor switches) highlights the superiority of this HP Wireless Elite v2 Keyboard.

HP Wireless Elite Keyboard v2

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You will welcome everything about the best quiet wireless keyboard.

The best silent keyboard sports a stylish yet practical design, delivers superior key responsiveness (you’ll type faster), incorporates some atypical features such as the convenient sleep button and media keys, and all for a reasonable price.

There are other cool-to-have touches like a built-in number pad and a nice battery life indicator.

It’s also a pleasure to use- the angle/height-adjustable leg ensures comfy wrist posture while the ultra-slim shape gives it minimal footprint.

Moreover, it’s very well-built and rock-solid when in use.

This oozes class all-round… even the USB receiver smacks of that quality feel.

Lastly, you get the freedom to roam about as the receiver works even from as far as 30 feet away.


  • Compatible with desktops, notebooks, Macs, and more.
  • The silent wireless keyboard offers smooth, quiet typing.
  • Slim design.


  • Keys not backlit.

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Keyboard & Mouse Combo, 2.4Ghz Full-Size Jelly Comb Wireless Keyboard

The keyboard in this terrific Keyboard-Mouse Combo is quiet and quick and it’s worth your attention.

This is a complete package because the mouse click is extremely silent too.

Keyboard and Mouse Combo, Jelly Comb 2.4Ghz Full Size

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This combo’s 2.4 Ghz wireless keyboard updated keys do a much better job of “running quiet” than a lot of its rival brands.

The secret is the low profile “muted” keys (a full number pad included).

And for good measure, the keys have been customized for quicker access to media and applications in Windows.

Besides, they seem just the perfect size not to mention that they feel rather exquisite.

The input is itself quite fast on account of the magnificent responsiveness.

And this is not the type that makes you tire soon after you start typing- the layout keeps your wrist and hands at the natural position and you’ll be amazingly comfortable.

You will walk away with excellent value here as the mouse is similarly flawless- it’s soft and pleasant to the click and ergonomically designed (for enhanced comfort).

The other high point of this quiet keyboard for pc is the solid construction (the two accessories seem well built).

Note that both the keyboard and mouse use one USB receiver (included).


  • Bargain pricing.
  • Compact design.
  • Tremendously quiet and comfortable.


  • Some keys placed in somewhat strange positions.

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  • Do silent keyboards exist?

    Yes, quiet keyboards exist. Manufacturers have come up with a range of new “silent” switch designs whose keystrokes feel smooth, more consistent, and a lot quieter than standard keyboards.

  • Which Logitech keyboard is quiet?

    The Logitech MK295 Silent Wireless Combo is the quetest of the Longiteck keyboards. It features SilentTouch technology which eliminates up to 90% of keyboard noise.

Why the Keyboard is Now Silent

Why is it that now you can enjoy a quieter typing experience?

Well, it all comes down to what changed in the keyboard design over the years.

You see, the ‘noisy’ keyboards are loud because of one key feature: the individual switches they use.

In these mechanisms, the plastic sliders under the keys press on a spring in order to activate the relevant key input from your computer.

This ‘keying technology’ tends to make more noise since there are no sound dampeners on the individual actuation switches.

Apparently, manufacturers realized that some people disliked this and were keen on quieter keyboards.

And so they set out to tweak the keyboard design, perhaps hoping to win over this market.

The result is a range of new “silent” switch designs whose keystrokes feel smooth, more consistent, and quieter (thanks to diverse noise suppression inventions).

To be clear, the high-tech switches still make a little noise but overall, they’re way quieter than those used in standard keyboards.

Here is the thing: We have rounded up the three quietest keyboards in the market today and we will be reviewing them in a short while to help you make a choice you’ll be proud of.

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What to Look for in a Silent Keyboard

Confused about the right keyboard? We’ve made the job simpler for you by explaining the deal makers and breakers here.

Read on and decide what suits you best.

Intended use

Gaming? Data entry? Or a jack of all trades?… How you’ll be using the quiet keyboard matters.

Let’s talk gaming first…

Well, most quiet keyboards don’t really look like they’re up to scratch for gaming PC rigs and you can easily dismiss them.

However, you shouldn’t let those humble looks fool you – there are some fantastic ultra-quiet keyboards that pack the customisation to bring your ‘A’ game out.

Specifically, the best quiet keyboards for gaming are, for most people, mechanical keyboards with Cherry Red switches (these switches offer fast action and minimal resistance, precisely what any avid gamer wants).

The market also has brilliant options for writers, video editors, programmers, and more (see the best mouse for programmers).

That said, keyboards such as HP Wireless Elite v2 Keyboard (read about it in the reviews section) are pretty versatile and will give you a delightful experience, whatever the task.  

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Think about the switch type

The second important consideration is the type of the specific keyboard switch -how the various keys register that they have been pressed and the way they sound and feel when they’re pressed. 

So, what are the options?

  • Membrane keyboards

You’ll notice right away that a good chunk of quiet keyboards use the membrane technology- keys are not distinct moving parts but simply pressure pads printed on flat, flexible surfaces- probably because it’s inexpensive for manufacturers.

Now, while these keys are easier to press, their tactile feedback is nothing to write home about.

Then, in terms of noise, membrane-based keyboards fall somewhere in between Chiclet and Mechanical keyboards.

Which brings me to Chiclet keyboards/island-style keyboards.

  • Chiclet keyboards

In this case, the keyboard features elevated rectangular-shaped or lozenge-shaped keys (with space between them) that resemble erasers or “Chiclets” (meaning they have with rounded edges).

Here’s the really good part about Chiclet-style keyboards: the conductive layers (under the keys) make them super quiet.

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They have superb tactile feedback too.

  • Mechanical keyboards

These are kinda like a throwback and keys spring back fast when pressed and though some are fairly silent, they’re generally still louder than the other two.

They also don’t feel crisp enough.

I must add that new switch designs are coming into the market each with varying amounts of noise.

The latest entrants are Cherry MX and Razer switches (Cherry has claimed to be 30% quieter than standard key switches).

How much do you wish to spend?

Think about your budget.

Keyboards are similar to every other product and you can walk away with a high-end brand with all the bells and whistles and extra functionalities including more multimedia hotkeys with a bigger budget.

But there’s no shortage of great affordable choices if you don’t want to overstretch your budget especially if you’re not into heavy stuff.

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Other considerations

  1. Aesthetics and build– a slim build (especially if you’ll go for a full-sized keyboard) coupled with eye-catching aesthetics are great to have.
  2. Backlighting– you can easily see the illuminated letters and symbols with a backlit keyboard. Of course, full RGB backlighting makes gaming so much fun.
  3. Customization– Some quiet keyboards come with several dedicated buttons that you can program to execute certain actions. For instance, a gaming keyboard that allows you to run a macro from a keyboard button will give you an edge.

With that, below is our review of the three best whisper quiet keyboards for gaming, office work, call center, 3D cad, to name but a few.

Wrapping it up

Best Quiet Keyboard Reviews and Buying Guide 2021

Now that you have met the best quiet keyboards, don’t be afraid to explore- compare each review meticulously and check how close it suits your needs.

Once you get a matching one, check if it meets all the important considerations we explained above.

This will guarantee that you find something that will make you happy for a very long time.