What is the Best Smartwatch with Camera?

Smartwatches are becoming smarter every day. From sophisticated fitness tracking options, nice smart-home controls, to contactless payments services, it seems the sky is the limit for this wearable.

My favorite is the camera- nothing beats capturing and sharing those precious moments instantly.

It’s especially handy when your smartphone is not with you.

So: which is the best smartwatch with camera?

We shall answer you in this article- we don’t want you to ever miss a spontaneous video or photo opportunity again.

Be sure to look at our guide on how to choose the best smartwatch with camera for your needs first- the tips we have there will clear some of the questions folks ask when shopping for this fashionable device.

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Best Smartwatch with Front-Facing Camera Reviews

We’ve run the rule over all the major brands out there and we’re happy to bring you the best of the best.

Take this to the bank: If a smart watch with camera has made it to this shortlist, it’s a bonafide gem, so you know you’re getting top bang for your buck.

Kids Smart Watch HD Touch Screen for Boys Girls Sports Smartwatch Phone (with Call Camera)

A wonderful gift for kids, this smartwatch with camera and speaker takes decent still pictures and includes 1GB Micro SD card to store the photos.

Kids Smart Watch for Boys Girls

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This comes with all the basics (plus a few surprises) and is our favorite smart watch for kids.

First, the image quality – particularly when it comes to selfies- is on the warmer side and with the SD card, your little one can quickly upload his smiling face to the PC.

Not only does it take pretty pictures but your baby can record himself aping his favorite cartoon character with the sound recorder – the audio is excellent too.

It comes with 7 simple but interesting games and there’s the option of loading some children songs (MP3) via the SD card so there’ll never be a dull moment in his life with this.

This is kiddos dedicated and as such, he’ll easily learn to do everything by himself – make/receive calls, play music, set the alarm, use the calculator…you name it.

We also love the beautiful design and top craftsmanship.


  • Use with/without a SIM card (SIM card needed for call function only)
  • Exceptional battery life. 
  • Easy to charge.


  • No Wi-Fi and GPS tracking.
  • Camera doesn’t support Video .

AllCall waterproof smartwatch with camera and wifi Fitness Activity Tracker

AllCall has some of the best fitness tracking smartwatches out there and have an amazing camera-equipped waterproof smartwatch in this AC01 model.

AllCall Waterproof Smart Watch

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This AC01 features AllCall ‘s famed advanced tracking system, making it a direct competitor to the humble fitness trackers, though it’s the obvious choice for the fashion-conscious community.

More crucially, there is a 2.0MP camera in there giving it an added boost in its battle with rivals.

Picture-wise, AllCall has worked on the key areas: detail, color, and brightness and you get more detail, extra color richness, and brighter images from its camera.

You can transfer images here as well but this time via the app.

Away from photo matters, all the necessities are well-implemented and it supports 3G calling (independent), send message, message syncing, voice search, G-sensor, recording, speaker, stop watch, vibration, clock mode, and more.

To top it all off, the physical data tracking is peerless and you will have plenty of metrics at your fingertips-your heart rate, steps, calories, mileage, speed, energy consumption, distance, and even sleep status.

It’s worth noting that it supports iOS 9.0 and Android 4.4 (and higher operating) systems plus Bluetooth 4.0.

All told, it’s a lovely smartwatch.


  • Camera remote controller- long press its camera function to trigger your smartphone’s camera shutter.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Cute design.


  • Not as easy to setup.

Padgene Bluetooth SmartWatch (DZ09) with Camera

This has wide compatibility among Android and iOS smart phones and a fairly good camera, considering its price.

Padgene DZ09 Bluetooth Smart Watch with Camera

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Featuring a sleek and trend-setting design, this durable smartwatch includes a 0.3mp camera so you’ll never again miss out on important shots.

In truth, one of the things you note right out of the box is how easy using the camera is (remember to add an SD card since it’s not included).

It also includes a smattering of attractive features including a magnificent 1.54” OLED display, anti-sweating matte surface treatment (no more sweating when wearing it), and  water resistant materials (resists rainwater).

In general, we like all Padgene’s, thanks to superior comfort, but this DZ09 has two cool extras that really won us over: the soft strap and ergonomic convex design that makes it perhaps the comfiest model we’ve met so far.

As if that’s not enough, this DZ09 Bluetooth model has one of the best all-around collections of functions on any smartwatch…

You get an activity tracker (pedometer, sedentary remind, sleep monitoring), image viewer, remote capture, sound recorder (SD card needed), alarm clock, anti-lost function, and more.

On the whole, the Padgene could be perfect for fitness champions who want an intelligent companion with ability to capture the occasional shots.


  • BlueTooth pairs seamlessly.
  • Fantastic price.
  • Countless functions.


  • Camera generally unsuitable for videos.

How good is the camera in a Smartwatch?

A lot of buyers often ask: is the camera in the smartwatch really worth it?

Well, we’re happy to report that the cameras in these devices have closed the gap to the smartphone camera significantly.

Okay, the best we have seen has a 5-megapixel camera and while it may look a bit low, two megapixels are more than sufficient for selfies and such shots.

Here is some food for thought: a full HD (high definition) TV pixel count equates to just 2MP and anything with a higher resolution has to be scaled down to show on the screen!

That should surely give you a clear picture of the image quality to expect with your smartwatch with front camera only, smart watch with dual camera (these are trending right now), or any other camera-equipped smartwatch for that matter.

There are other welcome improvements in the camera hardware including autofocus and more frames for video recording (the higher the frame rate, the more realistic your video appears).

In short, there’s more in today’s smartwatch-integrated cameras than in their predecessors.

Types of smartwatches

We will keep it short…

Now, you have two main types of smartwatches to choose from:

  • General-purpose smartwatches: These are essentially all-in-one devices combining apps, notifications, fitness, and more. Simply think of it as a notification center on your wrist as they’re largely dependent on smartphones.
  • Niche smartwatches: These are built for specific purposes. A good example is the Fitbit, perhaps the most popular health and fitness smartwatch, or Garmin Vivoactive, a musically inclined smartwatch. 

What to Consider

Before we reveal our top 3 picks, here are the main points to consider when shopping for a smartwatch with camera.


This is a no-brainer- your wearable will be pretty much useless (and will need to be returned) if it can’t pair with your smartphone.

In fact, you should start by confirming that the operating system in the smartwatch – whether iOS, Android, WatchOS, Wear OS, etc. works with that of your phone.

The camera hardware

Go for a smartwatch with camera hardware that can deliver decent photos and videos.

That said, the latest smartwatches have massively improved visuals compared to what the first generation smartwatches with camera were achieving.

Is the battery up to the task?

The battery in most average smartwatches hardly gives more than 1-2 days…even some of the best-selling Apple and Samsung watches have disappointing battery life.

Luckily, some of the gems we unearthed during our search have impressive battery lives so you can try all the tricks you fancy and snap away the whole day.


A waterproof smartwatch with camera is ideal if you’re an avid swimmer and want a device that tracks your strokes, laps, and general swim fitness while allowing you to take photos for your whatsapp swimming group.

Special features

For the most part, smartwatches will issue notifications, make calls, write texts, book appointments, and more.

But there could be specific features that you need, for example, ECG monitor (to monitor your heart’s electrical activity) or even sleep tracking.

Not all models are this advanced and it is important to check if your choice packs these custom features before clicking the add-to-cart button.

What’s your style?

What is the Best Smartwatch with Camera

There are tons of fashionable options if you want to stand out…

From rich colors to sleek metal builds and rugged leather, you can get ahead of the crowd by matching this fashion-meets-fashion accessory to your outfits.

You can even pair it with a suit, if that makes sense.

Final thoughts

With smartwatch cameras getting better at each iteration plus the fact that it’s sometimes the only companion within reach, taking photos using a smartwatch is now second nature to most people.

And with any of the models we have brought you in this guide, you’ll get a dependable camera that will help you record every moment that matters.

After all, life can be pretty dull without memories