Best Video Cameras for Hunting 2022

Recording videos is a common habit of those into serious gaming and hunting.

With the best hunting video cameras, reviewing all your outdoor activities is a walk in the park.

Gathering information from different spots becomes a breeze with the right hunting cameras. Create special memories and share special moments using your video camera for hunting.

If you are shopping for the best one, you are on the right page.

CameraResolutionKey FeaturesPrice
Panasonic Full HD Camcorder HC-V7701080pImage-stabilizationView
AKASO EK7000 4K30FPS Action Camera4KWaterproof, Time-lapseView
GoPro HERO9 Waterproof Action Camera5KWaterproof, Time LapseView
Sony CX405 Handycam 1080p Camcorder1080pAnti-Shake, Time Lapse, Low LightView
SPYPOINT LINK-MICRO-LTE Cellular Trail Camera480p0.5-second Trigger SpeedView

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Best Hunting Video Cameras Reviews

Panasonic Full HD Video Camera Camcorder HC-V770

This video camera for hunting brings with it an array of features that make your hunting a walk in the park. For starters, it boasts HDR movie function to help you capture clear shots with out of this world detail in both dark and bright areas.

Panasonic Full HD Video Camera Camcorder HC-V770, 20X Optical Zoom

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With its Wi-Fi function, this camcorder is competent for an array of tasks. For instance, on top of using it for hunting, you can also use it to monitor your little one round the clock from anywhere.

The video camera’s push notification dispatches instant alerts whenever the audio sensor detects or notices your baby crying or waking.

Wi-Fi functions also enable instant monitoring and broadcasting. The camera has four drive lens system is handy at producing high image quality.

Its 20x optical zoom is magical at bringing the action closer. Minimize image noise courtesy of the BSI sensor.

Its back side illumination sensor boasts a big effective area. It features 6.03M effective pixels to suppress noise even when you are hunting in dim conditions like nightscapes or indoor scenes.


  • 20X optical zoom
  • 4-drive lens system
  • High dynamic range
  • BSI sensor


  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • High-speed performance
  • High-quality audio parts
  • Wind shield zoom mic


  • Room for improvement on audio quality

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Sony CX405 Handycam 1080p Camcorder

The best thing about this camcorder for hunting is the fact that it brings with an array of features at a pocket-friendly price. It is the perfect gadget for the outdoors.

 Sony CX405 Handycam 1080p Camcorder with 32GB SD Card and Accessory Bundle

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Boasting the ability to record videos at 1080p, you are certain that your recordings will be nothing short of high quality. The camera also features a 30X optical zoom meaning you can play around with various angles.

Enjoy outstanding image stabilization for different situations thus setting it apart from other types of video cameras.

When you buy this camera, you get a kit that has everything necessary to charge and carry it around. Its batteries are long lasting unlike those of others in the market today.

The fact that the batteries are removable means you can always take an array of energy sources as you hunt in the event that your battery runs out.


  • Intelligent auto
  • Highlight movie maker
  • Face detection
  • World-class picture effects


  • Impressive connectivity features
  • The hunting cameras have excellent zooming capabilities
  • Cinematic image quality
  • Sharp focus


  • Somewhat pricey for its league

Campark Trail Game Camera Night Vision Outdoor Hunting Cam

If you are looking for a unique option, then you should consider this one. It is unique in the way it operates compared to others.

Campark T70 Trail Game Camera No Glow Night Vision 14MP 1080P Outdoor Hunting Cam

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The fact that it is a trail camera means you can use it to survey specific spots or gather information. Its infrared sensor is handy when it comes to capturing outstanding images at night.

Enjoy fast trigger speeds and wide detection angles. With this camcorder, there is nothing you will miss.

A mounting strap is available to help you set it up on any place you desire.


  • 0.3S trigger speed
  • The game camera features infrared night vision
  • Waterproof
  • 1080p video resolution


  • Crystal clear pictures
  • Highly versatile
  • Long lasting
  • Sturdy build


  • Lack of many options generally

Video Cameras Buying Guide

When shopping for the best hunting video camera, consider the following factors:

  • Budget
What are the Best Video Cameras for Hunting

There are plenty of video cameras to choose from. They vary in prices, from affordable ones to pricey ones.

While considering budget, it is important to consider the features you would like n a video camera.

Buy the best video camera that will give you a quality recording. Buying a quality video camera will last longer and save you money as well.

  • Low light capability

A good camcorder should be able to capture images even under low light. You will notice that most animals appear either at dawn or during the sunset.

This means that your video camera should be able to work best even under low light.

The sensor determines how well your camera will work under low light. The bigger the sensor the better the images captured in the dark.

This characteristic feature is known as ‘Lux.’ The lower Lux value, that is 4 or less, the better images captured in the dark will be.

  • Memory

Video cameras have three types of systems used for storage. These are the removable memory card, internal solid-state drives, and internal hard drives. You may find a video camera having one or two of these systems.

A good video camera for hunting should have the removable memory card or a solid-state driver. Remember to purchase removable memory cards of good quality.

This could be from companies such as Lexar, SanDisk, and Kingston.

  • Microphone

Current video cameras have in-built microphones. However, for a hunting camera, it is better to also attach a shot gun microphone.

A shotgun microphone prevents external noise and produces audio of good quality. This will enable you to record even from a tree stand.

To use a shotgun microphone ensure you have a shoe accessory. However, you can also purchase brackets online which make t much easier.

  • Remote

For people who film their own hunting, this is an important feature to have. The remote makes it easy to start or stop recording and zoom in/out.

All his can be done from the fluid head handle. Wi-Fi/NFC or LANC enable you to use your camera well.

It is good to note that current versions of Sony lack LANC.

  • Headphone jack

The headphones jack allows you to be in contact with your surroundings. This enables you to oversee what you are recording.

Having this feature eliminates the process of having to edit after recording.

  • Size and weight

Hunters carry hunting equipment of heavy weight. Therefore, carrying a video camera that is heavy will only add to the burden.

The best video cameras for hunting should be small, easy to carry and compact.

  • Zoom

Zoom is a very important feature for a hunting video camera. The reason is, the higher the zooming power the easier it is to capture a target.

Bow hunters need more than 10x of zoom. This is especially when they are hunting in the woods. Rifle hunters need an optimal zoom of 20x or more. This is so especially if you are shooting from far.

  • Battery

Some batteries have a long life while others a short life. This could be ranging from 1 hour to 10 hours. If you plan on hunting in the snow, it is wise to carry an extra battery.

This s because cold tends to work negatively on batteries. Select a video camera with a high battery life. As a precaution, carry an extra battery always when hunting.

  • Resolution

The higher the resolution the better the footage. Current video cameras have Full HD, Quad HD, SD, and 4K/2K resolution.

A good hunting video camera should have 4K or Full HD. Resolution lower than this will give poor footage.

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