Best Wireless Printers under 100 Dollars

Getting the best budget is hard. Shopping for the best wireless printer under 100 dollars is even hard. That is why I have written this comprehensive guide.

With a wireless printer, you eliminate the need for cables and eliminate the disorder that comes with many cables.

A good budget printer should have features like printing, copying, scanning, and faxing…

Although wireless printers are generally expensive, I come with the good news that you can get a quality Wi-Fi printer for less than 100 dollars.

Wireless PrinterPrinter OutputPrinting TechnologyPrice
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Canon PIXMA MG3620ColorInkjetView
HP DeskJet Plus 4155ColorInkjetView
Canon PIXMA TR4520ColorInkjetView
HP ENVY Pro 6455ColorInkjetView
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Best 100-Dollar Wireless Printers Reviews

Having looked at the types, reasons you should buy a printer, and the things to consider when purchasing one, let us now review some of the best printers under 100.

Canon PIXMA TR4520 Wireless All in One Photo Printer

Are you a photographer and want a photo printer? If not, then I guess you are just a photoholic. Here is the best wireless printer under 100 dollars that will give you the best photos.

Canon PIXMA TR4520 Wireless All in One Photo Printer

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Get some good quality photos with the Canon PIXMA TR4520 photo printer. Connect your printer to your smartphone or tablet using the Canon print app and watch your print bring out quality pictures. It has other connectivity options like Wi-Fi, USB, and Ethernet to have wires running everywhere. This helps in maintaining the tidiness of your room.

It has Alexa that determines when the ink is low and tells you to add. You can also ask Alexa to print your shopping list, color pages, and to-do lists. Mopria Print Service, auto power on/off, and a built-in ADF are some of the features that make this printer very easy to use.

The amount of ink this printer uses is a setback. Ink runs out quickly, so you will need to keep refilling. It also has one color cartridge, and the printing speed is slow


  • Does printing, scanning, and faxing
  • Wireless connectivity
  • It’s cheap


  • Slow
  • One-color cartridge
  • Uses a lot of ink

HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 All-in-One Wireless Printer

This printer is the best choice for a home office printer.

It has a two-sided duplex for printing and scanning, a color touch screen, and an automatic document feeder.

HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 All-in-One Wireless Printer

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With it, you can comfortably do wireless copying, scanning, faxing, and printing. One outstanding feature is that you will never run out of ink because it has instant ink. Connect your smartphone to the printer and get the best quality images.

It is not limited to wireless networking. You can also use Ethernet to connect other devices.

It supports quite a several paper sizes. From an A4, letters, 10cm by 30cm, 4×8.5 inch, and 4R. The printer has a duplexing document feeder so it can do two-sided copying.

You don’t need a scanner because it allows you to scan your documents to email and its color usage is relatively better than other printers. Enjoy printing envelopes, card stocks, high-resolution papers, and glossy photo paper.


  • It is fast
  • Uses less ink
  • Supports many paper sizes
  • It is fast


  • Lackluster software bundle

Pantum P2502W Monochrome Laser Printer with Wireless Networking and Mobile Printing

For a portable printer, this one is the best.

It is small in size and lighter. Print your A4 papers and 23ppm letters in black and white, using laser technology. You can connect it to your mobile phone through Wi-Fi or a high-speed USB 2.0.

Pantum P2502W Monochrome Home Laser Printer

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Although it is not compatible with chrome, it goes well with iOS and Android systems and pantum APP.

Its metal frame structure will last a long time so that you will be saved from constant replacements. The printer comes with a 700-page starter cartridge and a one-year warranty that counts from the purchase date.

Do not worry about your small office space. This printer measures 13.27″ x 8.66″ x 7.01″ so it can sit comfortably in your tiny area.


  • Supports multiple paper sizes
  • It’s fast
  • It is portable


  • Does not support chrome system

Types of printers

Different printer types play different roles.

The printer you settle for should be able to serve you the purpose you are buying it for. For instance, a 3D artist will have a different printer from that of a student.

There are majorly two types of printers.

  • Impact printers

This printer uses old technology, it’s noisy, and it has low graphics capabilities. Despite all that, it can print multi-copy documents like carbon copies. They print using a pinhead that strikes against an ink ribbon. The ink then gets into contact with the paper as it moves and creates characters in the form of dots.

  • Non-impact printers

Unlike the noisy impact printers, these do not use a striking device, making them quieter. Their graphics are also of high quality. Some of the examples are inkjet printers, laser printers, thermal printers, and 3D printers.

What is a wireless printer?

Best Wireless Printers Under $100 Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

They are also known as Wi-Fi printers.

They use a wireless network connection to print documents from devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers.

To print, you connect your device and the printer through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Personal Area Network (PAN).

Why you should buy a printer

  • Saves time and money

With your printer, you can print as many documents as you want, for free. It may seem less costly to print those images, paper pads, and business cards, but do you know how much those bills amount to the end of the year? Probably enough amount of money to buy a printer.

  • You need hard copy documents

Today, technology has advanced, and all the documents are stored in soft copy files. But in what form of your certificates do you show for a job application? Hard copies, right?

When working for an organization, you are given a hard copy letter as proof of your contract’s renewal. So, yes, to hard copy.

  • Customize

Play around with some applications in your printer and see how your document turns out. Print your business cards and make your calligraphed envelopes more attractive.

  • Convenience

Imagine you have an interview tomorrow, and it is 1 am. You have not printed your certificates, you don’t have a copy of your ID, and cybers are closed. Yes, you are stuck, and you wouldn’t if you had your printer.

How does it work?

The printer’s work is to convert digital information into physical copies, be it images or text. The software has been developed to convert this information into a language that the printer can understand. These texts and images are then put on a piece of paper using a chain of minuscule dots.

The technique in which these dots are transferred to the paper is what creates the difference in printers.

Wireless Printer Buying Guide

  • The functions to perform

People have different priorities. For some, a printer that prints only is enough, while for others, a good printer should be able to print, scan, fax, and photocopy.

  • Quality of image

You cannot get quality images with a low-quality printer. Whether you are a Design Company that needs to show some draft work to their clients, or a lecturer who wants to print some exam papers, your printer should be of high quality so that your paperwork is visible.

Students will blame you for failing because the questions are unreadable. If you are a design company, no client will trust you with their work if your draft is unclear.

  • Office size

You know you cannot buy a printer bigger than your office. Depending on your work type, if you can move around with your work tools like laptops, a portable printer will do.

A big printer will be okay if you have an extra room in your office or an ample office space.

  • Connectivity

Are you are a wireless person? Consider the devices you will be printing your papers from. It could be from a mobile phone, laptop, and tablet. Besides, wireless printers are more convenient.

  • Running costs

A printer uses ink, so you must know the amount of ink your printer can consume. The brand of cartridges also matters a lot. Refillable cartridges will save you some money because letting your printer go completely dry might damage it.

Talking of damages, it is also advisable to know the cost of your printer’s repairs and spare parts.

  • Kind of paper you are handling

Every job has a specific computer for it. You cannot print cardstock and photo papers with a laptop that publishes regular blank documents. It is also advisable to know the size of the paper that can fit. Don’t purchase a computer that prints A5 size of documents, yet you work with A4s.

  • Speed

How much is your workload? Or how many papers do you need to produce in a day? If the work is a lot, you will need a fast printer.


No printer is perfect, but most manufacturers aim at pleasing almost everyone. When buying one of the best wireless printers under 100, ensure you know what you are using your printer for because different uses need specific features.