Braven 705 Bluetooth Speaker Review 2022

Wireless speakers are the new way to go for a sound system. These devices are easy to use, easy to move around with, and they are reasonably priced. Due to their high demand lately, manufacturers have turned to this business, and some of them are not after quality and durability.  They end up flooding the market with low-quality blue tooth speakers that are not worth your coin.

As you look for one to buy, you need to be careful about some of these qualities like durability, portability, the devices it can connect with and the sound quality. I know you sing along as your favourite music plays, and you don’t want to be louder than your speaker.

Speaking of these qualities, let us have a look at Braven 705 Bluetooth speaker.


 This device can withstand a splash or two because it is water-resistant. The crisp and right side are well sealed to protect the inner parts from splashes. Feel free to carry it along with you to the kitchen, shower, or swimming pool because water will not harm it.

There are four buttons on its right side, each of them with a different function. One is for initiating Bluetooth pairing, the other for changing volume, skipping tracks and then the power button. On top of the logo, there is a sensitive microphone. The speaker is made with a shock-absorbent frame that protects it from injuries in case it falls.

Braven 705 has a 1400mAh Lithium-Ion battery that can be used as a power bank. Unfortunately, its manual states that it can only charge devices that draw a charge of 0.3A-1A, yet the phones and tablets attract 2A. The battery drains so fast when it is connected to charge a phone or tablet. It takes a maximum of 3 hours to charge fully, and this charge can last for 12 hours when playing music and the medium volume.

When we looked at the most crucial feature of a Bluetooth speaker, the sound quality, it was a little disappointing because this speaker does not have bass. However, this does not make it have the worst sound. It can play music at any volume, although at very high volume, the treble crackles. You will need to choose a sound that is comfortable for the speaker too.

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What I liked about this product

  • It is portable
  • It is water-resistant
  • The battery takes a short time to charge

What I did not like about this product

  • It has a low sound quality


Considering that the most important feature we look at when buying a Bluetooth speaker is its sound quality, this speaker lacks that. The fact that it does not have bass is unimpressive. If the sound is a priority for you, I would advise you to consider other devices. There are many options at lower prices.

Where to buy has this Bluetooth speaker at a fair price.