Insignia Voice Smart Bluetooth Speaker Review 2022

Looking for the best Bluetooth speaker can be a challenging task. It is not because there is a shortage of speakers, but because some of the manufacturers today are after the fanciness, attracting your eyes. We are here to help you not get deceived because these are not worth your coin.

A Bluetooth speaker is more of other factors like sound quality, portability, and durability, other than the appearance. Can it fit in your bag or pockets? Remember, you will want to move around with it as a lover of music.

Now let us address the elephant in the room, the Insignia Voice Smart Bluetooth speaker. Insignia has made a big move in the Bluetooth speaker market by coming up with this fantastic piece. We liked this speaker and did this review so that you can look at its features, pros and cons, and where you can buy it.

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Sonically, this Insignia Bluetooth speaker is exciting to listen to. Contrary to its small size, it pumps out decent enough sound. All you need to do is create the right playlist, get a group of your noisy friends, and connect your phone to the speaker. Watch them enjoy the liveliness of the party.

Considering its small size and lightweight, this speaker is easily portable. It weighs only 0.7 pounds. You only need to put it in your pockets or your bag as you travel to the mountains for a hike, or during your evening walks, because it will fit.

Insignia Bluetooth speaker is Bluetooth enabled and can pair with other Bluetooth enabled devices like your phone, laptops, and tablets. You don’t need to move around with your expensive phone to the kitchen because a spill of tea or water will cost you a high price for another one. You only need to press the Bluetooth button on your other device, and you will get your music loud and clear.

The speaker has a wireless connection. However, for other devices like Televisions, you will need to use an Aux cord. With your phone, the speaker remains connected up to 30 feet away.

What I like about this product

  • Its size makes it easily portable
  • Easy to connect with other devices
  • It has a big sound

What I did not like about the product

  • Not durable
  • It cannot charge another device


One of the crucial factors to consider when buying a Bluetooth speaker is its portability. Can you move it around the house or the compound without the connected device like your phone? Or will you have to sit in the living room, next to your charging phone so that you can listen to Rihanna’s latest song that you heard in the store today?

Do not forget to consider other factors like sound quality, battery life, and durability. For all these qualities, the Insignia Portable Bluetooth speaker is worth considering.

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