Jam Classic 2.0 Speaker Review 2022

That beautiful song you heard in the club or restaurant does not suddenly sound as attractive as it did. The reason being, you are playing it with your phone. Do you know that a Bluetooth speaker can get you back to the mood you had when you first heard the song?

These speakers have a better sound, they are more versatile, and they have another fantastic feature, portability. They will allow you to mend your yard or feed you pigs in the shed as you get some entertainment.

You probably haven’t heard about the Jam Classic 2.0 Bluetooth speaker. Here is some research we did on it and put down all the information you will need to know, including its features, pros, and cons, and where you can buy it. You will only get to know much about it if you continue reading.

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This beautiful speaker from Jam weighs only 0.44 pounds, which makes it very light and easy to carry around. Besides, it is made of small size, and you can hold it in your hands as you walk, or put it within the cup holder, so you don’t have a reason to have a boring road trip.

Its rechargeable battery takes only 2 hours until it is full. It can entertain you for up to 5 hours, and the speaker is wireless, so you do not need physical connectivity with other devices. It allows connectivity with iPhones, android, and tablets. It also works well with iPads and laptops. Just ensure they have Bluetooth connectivity.

Another feature that will leave you desiring this Bluetooth speaker is that it does not lose connectivity up to 30 feet away from your device. Your phone can be charging downstairs, and you are playing music in your speaker while in the bedroom upstairs.

You want to get the lyrics of your favorite song loud and clear? This Jam Classic Bluetooth speaker will get you to another world. It is made of high sound quality, and it will bring the best out of your favorite musician.

Besides its quality sound and portability features, this speaker comes with an integrated microphone, which allows you to answer calls from your phone as you use it as the speakerphone. Aren’t those fantastic features?

What I like about the product

  • It has impressive sound and volume quality.
  • Easily portable because of its size.
  • It is wireless.
  • It connects with a device as far as 30 feet away.

What I don’t like about this product

  • It is not as loud as the previous version
  • Not durable


Did you know that you carry your favorite musician along with you to the garden, kitchen, or the backyard? This can be made possible by a Bluetooth speaker. Just one click on the Bluetooth button of your phone or tablet and loud music with the bass that you love plays.

When choosing a Bluetooth speaker, ensure you look at the speakers, sound quality, and how long the battery can last. The Jam Classic Speaker has all those qualities. Why not go for it?

Where to buy

For quality Bluetooth speakers, kindly visit www.amazon.com