Jam Double Down Speaker Review 2022

Movable Bluetooth speakers are the easiest and most affordable methods of outspreading music from your phone or laptop to other rooms, backyard, or the mountains. A portable wireless Bluetooth speaker would be a great gift for music lovers because it is a must-have item.

When looking for a Bluetooth speaker, it is wise to consider factors like durability, sound quality, and battery life. However, if you want to enjoy extra activities like swimming or taking a shower with your music on, you need to consider waterproofing as one of the features in your speaker.

Jam Double Down speaker is both durable, portable, and waterproofing. We researched it and came up with a list of its features, pros, and cons and where you can purchase the speaker.

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This speaker features a rubberized body that is responsible for its durability. Its splash-proof feature protects it from direct water splashes so you can carry it along with you as you go for swimming. You can also dance in the rain as you listen to your favorite jam, and your speaker will be okay.

This Jam Double Down speaker is not picky when it comes to the devices to connect with. From your phone to your iPad and laptop, this device will remain wirelessly connected up to a range of 30 feet. It also has an Aux-In Port that allows you to connect it with devices that are not Bluetooth enabled.

Its rechargeable battery gives you 6 hours of non-stop music with a single charge. If you love your music loud, you can merge two Jam Double down speakers to get the loudness you desire. Select the best playlist and be the light of the party. One Jam speaker is enough, but you will get the best stereo sound if you get two.

This speaker comes with a speakerphone that enables you to answer calls directly. This way, you will not have to disconnect your phone from the speaker if you get a call. It weighs only 0.57 pounds, and it’s small in size, which makes it very portable.

What I like about this product

  • Has a rubber body that makes it durable
  • The speaker is waterproof
  • It has quality sound
  • It is easy to pair with other devices

What I don’t like about this product

  • For the best sound, you have to but two Jam speakers and combine them


A good Bluetooth speaker is portable and durable, has a good sound quality, and is also splashproof. Get a speaker that you can take to the shower with you, or even dance in the rain with. Other things to look at are the battery life and price.

You would not go wrong with the Jam Doubledown wireless Bluetooth speaker because it has the mentioned features.

Where you can buy

For quality speakers, kindly check the www.amazon. They have good deals.