What is the Best Smartwatch with Camera?

What is the Best Smartwatch with Camera

Smartwatches are becoming smarter every day. From sophisticated fitness tracking options, nice smart-home controls, to contactless payments services, it seems the sky is the limit for this wearable. My favorite is the camera- nothing beats capturing and sharing those precious moments instantly. It’s especially handy when your smartphone is not with you. So: which is the … Read more

What are the Best Outdoor Smart Plugs?

What are the Best Outdoor Smart Plugs

A smart plug is an app-controlled device that helps you control any electrical appliances that are plugged in the socket. There are indoor and outdoor smart plugs. indoor smart plugs are delicate and are used indoors. Outdoor smart plugs are mostly weatherproof gadgets meant for the outdoors. You can schedule a smart plug with a … Read more

What is the Best Smart Thermostat?

What is the Best Smart Thermostat

Do you care about your home’s air conditioning? Is your home hot or cold? You can easily control your home’s heat or cold using smart thermostats. Thermostats can be energy-cost savings. Worry less with your home temperature whether you are home or not. As smart as the name sounds, use those to change your home’s … Read more

Best Smart Light Bulbs for Google Home

Best Smart Light Bulbs for Google Home

Smart lighting is gaining popularity quickly. Smart bulbs and even switches or plugs are efficient at helping you manage your home’s lighting via connected devices such as your smartphone. Before going all-in on smart lighting gadgets, you must ponder what you need from the lighting gadget. In other words, what issues do you need it … Read more