Vivitar 360 Action Camera Review 2022

Everyone is always on the go nowadays. Whether it’s hiking or any outdoor activity, you want every moment captured. The Vivitar 360 Action Camera does an excellent job. The Vivitar 360 Action is a small, light, and durable camera that comes complete with a mount, mini tripod, and a waterproof case. This camera can be used for anything from casual class to water activities. This tiny, dual fisheye lens camera comes with bells and whistles to capture every moment.

Vivitar 360 Action Setup

The Vivitar 360 Action comes ready for action, just charging and plugging in a MicroSD, and you’re up and running. The camera has easy-to-follow settings for adjusting image quality or resolution. The 360 Action has Wi-Fi built, which helps you connect your smart device for easy viewing, control, and sharing videos and photos.

Vivitar 360 Action Physical Design

This standalone camera comes in a small and light design that can be put in the pocket without much fuss. The camera features a smooth black plastic, 3 physical buttons, dual lenses, and a standard mount input. All the included accessories have a similar style except the mini tripod that has a form of material. Additionally, the camera has a helmet and bicycle mount, a waterproof case, and a wireless wrist remote.

Vivitar 360 Action App Design and Functionality

This camera has an easy-to-use app that helps you connect your smart device to the camera. However, the app crashes sometimes when transferring images from image viewer to gallery mode. Besides having occasional crashes, the app lacks a live streaming feature. This camera features 2 16MP lenses for an all-round 360 capture. Additionally, this action camera includes a 1” info screen and built-in stitching software to integrate two views into 4k 360 videos.

Vivitar 360 Action Features

  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Built-in video stitching software
  • Built-in mic
  • Wireless remote control
  • 360° recording angles
  • 16MP sensor
  • Built-in lithium battery

Vivitar 360 Action Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Video plays well on iPad Mini 2
  • Super affordable
  • View images and videos in VR
  • Offers 4K

Vivitar 360 Action Cons

  • Doesn’t support live streaming
  • Has no audio output
  • Hard to pair to devices
  • If frozen, it requires a reset tool


Are you looking for an affordable cam to take your shots to the next level, the Vivitar 360 Action is a good bet. However, if you’re looking for a device that produces cinematic masterpieces and live streaming, this is not your option. This camera has a good output in a properly lit environment. However, if you’re in low-light environments, consider adding some light enforcements; otherwise, it won’t look good.

Being a tiny and versatile cam, it comes with decent features at a small package. Apart from occasional app crashes to camera freezing, and other drawbacks, the Vivitar 360 Action is a good camera at a budget.

Where to Buy

If all the Vivitar 360 Action specifications suit your photography needs, this is a good bet. Online retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Homedepot have the best deals in the market. Make sure you’ve verified the online dealer before you place an order.